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Rita Ora - Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. I love your mother. Who else does she stan?
  2. Hi my name is Laurence and I have a c o n f e s s i o n.

    I, for one, had doubts when buying tickets to see her tour. Of course I was like the bopsss!!! I have to witness0 those live. But will there be an album? Who knows. I saw Dua Lipa multiple times without an album too. And her older setlist was better except New Rules missing so give or take eh? So I was not sure how that could work for a whole setlist with Rita until now.

    I am so happy I got those tix and will drag my friend along. Cant wait for that bop-to-bop setlist while my bopssy will go wall-to-wall in that venue.

    So she can take snatch my wig in person soon. Can not wait.

    Stan card laminated.
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  3. Queen of having two songs top 5 in the midweeks.

    She ended poor JT who is at #13
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  4. Collabro.


    Mum cancelled.
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  5. I had to google this just now, thought it was some sort of nickname for Ed Sheeran.
  6. Up to #25 on Today’s Top Hits and now added to Hot Hits UK.
  7. As a very wise woman once said "here comes the smasha"
  8. Not me not realising Girls existed (in live form), performed almost a year ago at Big Weekend. They can all keep that.
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  9. This made me cackle the accuracy
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  10. Girls is a boppp. Need.
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  11. Oprah was probably asking for a few money making tips.
  12. Just add a couple of letters and Big Ora Burger becomes Big Oprah Burger. That'll pay the mortgage off.
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  13. Girls is the next single, right? I do hope the 50 Shades song doesn't postpone the release of it too much.
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  14. *Fat Ora Burger.
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  15. I'm ready for Summer Love to be the smash of Summer 2018.
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  16. Yasss this! Apparently the songs Rudiementals though so not sure if Rita would realise this!
  17. I need this album to have 10 singles.
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  18. Thriller and Come On Over who?
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  19. Can the BBC give her a television special?
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  20. RJF


    Why anyone is actually wanting the flop life raft that is "Girls" to get released is beyond me.