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Rita Ora - 'Second Album'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Rita tweeted a personal thank you to the writer of the article "No one should be forced to come out like Rita Ora was, especially when people like Harry Styles get to 'gaybait' without criticism"

    I didn't find that article to be a good take on the issue. Defending Rita is one thing, but doing so while criticising Harry Styles in the same breath? For all we know, his songs that allude to bisexuality could very well be "his truth" too, so to assume that he's gay-baiting isn't fair in itself.

    I'm not attempting to wholly drag Rita for everything in this post or my last one. Problematic lyrics and her reaction to the controversy aside, she's only human and I don't suddenly dislike her now. I just feel less endeared by her than before all of this. I will say this though, and it's purely in my opinion... I think her tweeting a public thank you to a writer who has defended her, is veering towards playing the victim, and by extension it comes across like she could agree with the "but Harry Styles though!!" defence.

    I think I may have reached the point now that I can see it seems unlikely that Rita is prepared to look beyond what she says is her truth, so... I don't know what else can be done really and I should probably stop exhausting myself over this matter (I've only posted twice here about this, but there's also been so many conversations with friends!). I guess I'll just be relieved when she's moved onto a different single. The annoying thing is that on the surface I think Girls sounds like a perfectly serviceable and catchy bop, it's just disappointing to think that even just a slight lyrical tweak could have resulted in something far more palatable, and then this whole mess could have been avoided.
  2. Bottom line is "Girls" is shit and will deservedly tank for being so. And also, from now on, and even being a big ol' homo, I'll now label this particular piece of myself as "my truth" since it is ok, even in 2018, for someone to cover up or minimize sexuality just like that.
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  3. Girls is great.
    The subject matter is not.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    why was this song bought into existence again?
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  5. From what I gather, this is something she discussed with some fans that she knew at her show over the weekend - what she said in her note and that she hadn’t been comfortable directly addressing her sexuality in interviews. As previously stated, this being an issue should have been evident. In general this era she hasn’t been forthcoming about her personal life/personal meaning to anything she’s released so I’m not surprised if she was doing the same thing here. Which is completely foolish but possibly the case.
    After like 6 years of people always shaming her for being sexual, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s also caused a bit of tunnel vision.
    (Not that this excuses what’s happened, but like you said as far as what she’s thinking).
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  6. I have no words.
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  8. Migos is pretty much the only timely example of this that comes to mind. Just like Rita, they know a thing or two about a fauxpology! (Also just like Rita, their career isn't going to end over it.)

    People keep bringing up entirely different situations to compare to this specific "Girls" controversy. Like, diverting the discourse doesn't change or solve anything. We're also not discussing homophobia: (noun) dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.

    It doesn't matter where "Girls" charts – we've already heard it. Maybe she could, you know, actually listen to some of the criticism coming from queer women. There is enough goodwill towards Rita that she can recover from this situation if she actually engages in the conversation.

    Congratulations for living your truth and protesting for equality! I'm sure none of us here could say the same! Getting spat on and beaten up by homophobes does not mean that your opinion on homophobia (which isn't what's being discussed here) or other issues facing the queer community is the end-all, be-all.

    You are entitled to your opinions / to find people expressing their opinions annoying, but maybe you should stop to consider that other people might find being told they're overreacting just as annoying!
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  9. We’ve been knew Migos was absolute trash but you can’t write off the entire genre because of their dumbasses.

    Also it’s pretty clear Rita is going on the defensive, fuck all the queer women and others in the community who have found issue with the subject matter of the song, that is how I take it. So she’s gonna play victim now and claim she was forced to come out over a song she said was narrow minded to even class as being about bisexuality to begin with? She’s a mess.
  10. As you said, this isn't really relevant to the conversation about Rita's song, but unfortunately this really isn't true. Offset is the one that people paid attention to because Migos had already been caught saying homophobic stuff in interviews, but Future and 21 Savage, for example, were also using that slur in exactly the same way in the music they released last year and no one really made a big deal about it. Even a lot of the the new kids like Lil Pump who presumably have much younger fanbases that you'd think would put a stop to it are constantly throwing around slurs.

    It's gross to act like hip-hop is specifically homophobic because of racist reasons and not because it's a genre that's dominated on nearly every level by straight men who are willing to let most things slide if they like the music. That doesn't mean people should let things like Rita's song go just because worse songs exist somewhere else.
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  11. When did I say I was the be-all? Whilst I was sharing my story I honestly do not believe I am the only one to have suffered abuse in the face of championing equality, I mean that’s a reach if I’ve ever seen one!

    I also never singled anyone out for overreacting I was using this as a term for how I generally feel this media storm is being portrayed I am not attacking anyone.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion I just don’t personally find this offensive, if she needs a bit of red wine to kiss girls to give her Dutch courage good for her! I also don’t have a issue with I kissed a Girl, lots of kids experiment at a younger age! What’s the big deal?

    As I gay man I feel that I do not own queer sexuality and it is upto each individual how they express this and if this is Rita’s truth let it be.

    I’m off now and hopefully will be back to Rita’s page when she release good music again.
  12. Damn, I hadn't heard about Future – obviously. I don't know much by 21 Savage beyond Bank Account, but I'm seeing those stories now. At least there are also a lot of younger queer and/or queer-friendly rappers that will hopefully speed up the process of progress. Thanks for sharing (not sarcasm)! Definitely agree with the last paragraph.
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  13. Maybe you should’ve stopped with “as a gay man.”

    I hope this has been an enlightening experience to those still in doubt on how little some gay men care about their queer female counterparts.
  14. That's great that you don't personally find this offensive as a gay man, but please don't discredit the queer women who are raising valid concerns about the impact this kind of thinking re: bisexuality can have on their community. The issue here is not experimentation, nor is it alcohol helping people explore their sexuality. If you think it is, I suggest you go back through this thread and read some of the articulate, eloquent points that queer women have made.
  15. Can we lock this thread until the next single please?
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  16. Cheap shot to correct someone’s grammar! Plus I do care about queer female counterparts, when did I ever write that I didn’t?

    I’m just not offended by this song neither are my lesbian mates, so sorry not everyone thinks the same and it is no ones right to try and own how others express their sexuality.
  17. Hey guys I have black friends
  18. R92


    That wasn’t an attempt to correct your grammar, that was a queer woman saying that your opinion on queer womanhood doesn’t supersede hers when you’re *gasp* NOT A QUEER WOMAN.