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Róisín Murphy - (New Songs & Album 2018)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Well, to complete my collection (for now) I may have ripped that "Incapable" snippet (it's 3:36, quite a long snippet) to dance around to.
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  2. And yet we still don’t have Demon Lover (yes, I‘m still pissed). The follow-up album to Overpowered could have been her best album. Oh well...
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  3. dying for new Roisin music - HURRY UP SIS
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  4. #metoo
  5. I’m holding out for Friday though.....you never know. That single cover of whatever it was, has now made me turn absolutely desperate for new Roisin.
  6. Are the taken down clips anywhere to be heard ? I missed the party
  7. I’ve not found them anywhere....I don’t know how to rip audio from Instagram. Every time they popped up I wasn’t in a position to copy them :-(

    But it makes it all the more exciting!!
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  9. OMG, it's Roisin and Cheburashka!
  10. Has she ever mentioned why she posts and deletes things so quickly? Is it related to the themes of the new material somehow or is it just something she does to be difficult?

    (I think I know the answer already)
  11. I think its just her way of teasing the material. Like she's excited and wants to share but doesn't want to have low quality snippets circulating for months before the music is ready, maybe. It certainly helps drum up the excitement.
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  12. She commented on someone’s twitter that new music will come in March. I wouldn’t be holding out for it this week.
  13. Yeah someone mentioned me the convo on Twitter

    “March we begin”

    About the type of music direction she’s taking.

    “Well it jumps and bumps, it's sexy and funky and it's in your face, intense and passionate.“


    I want it now though!
  14. pdf


    Two Roisin tracks on the new DJ Koze album: Illumination & Scratch That.
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  15. I am ready. Spring will be delightful.
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  16. I love how she's so random lately.
    I'm not even mad at it.

    That cover art is a toot!
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  18. This track from 2016 may be on the new album. Róisín tweeted someone back saying ‘coming’.

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  19. Every night is a wonderful dream filled with Roisin taking over the world followed by my waking crushing disappointment that Paul Ryan wants me to die.
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