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Róisín Murphy - (New Songs & Album 2018)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I had an amazing dream.

    Roisin's next album was called "Life, After"

    It was a concept album about an EMP hitting planet Earth and wiping out all technology. NO, not "Man of the Woods" type bullshit. The cities all became essentially city-states as large scale infrastructure fell apart completely. Roisin took her family to the woods (again, NOT MAN OF THE WOODS, surviving the fucking technological apocalypse!) to escape some of the insanity while cities tried to figure out what to do next.

    The first single was called "City of Love" and was about how New York City managed to handle the fallout much better than most other cities, and was an uplifting HEAVY, HARD HITTING dance song about humans throwing away the concept of social media and learning to form tight knit communities after the death of technology.

    I woke up SQUEALING, until I realized it was a dream.
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  2. I love the whole concept and the album and single titles. I think it'd work more for someone like Gaga than Roisin though.
  3. Coincidence???

  4. ......I don’t get it?
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  5. Wow! I'm happy if I can walk a straight line in dreams and remember people's faces.
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  6. He rated the cover for THUTM lowest, which is in line with Roisin's comment of people not liking its artwork.

    I wouldn't consider it bad necessarily, but Overpowered, HT and RB artwork was hard to top.
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  7. .....well yes it's certainly a disappointing cover, but I love the overall visual concept. Same issue with I'm Not A Doctor and Mi Senti. Her best cover is Statues (wish I had the vinyl)
  8. I never realised that THUTM was made by Designers Republic (never bought it, cause it was such a letdown after Hairless Toys for me). Upon closer inspection it totally shows, though. It´s got TDR-isms all over it. They did the design for the first two Moloko albums and they´re usually quite nerdy/brainy and not especially pop-glossy. I love them.
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  9. Wow I did not think THUTM was a disappointing follow up at all. That and Hairless Toys are perfection for me. Just the type of off kilt dance music I live for.
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  10. never felt compelled to play either more than the first investigatory listen but I’m gonna give them another go
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  11. Somewhere in the Hairless Toys- thread I wrote a lengthy, glowing review for Hairless Toys.
    That record ticked my boxes intellectually, emotionally and sonically.
    So THUTM should have clicked with me right away, but it didn´t. I still can´t explain it why exactly.
    HT is more than the sum of its parts, THUTM sounds like a lot of parts.
    For a start THUTM makes too much use of that dry, telephone-receiver voice which I just can´t stand.
    There is also no song that even comes close at reaching the stratopheric heights of Evil Eyes.
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  12. I wonder if The Black Madonna helped with any of the new album?

  13. That would be great.
  14. She's back to 'Overpowered'-days hair!
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  15. Black Madonna and DJ Koze, Overpowered II is coming.
  16. .....and Maurice Fulton. If this is how the album is shaping up its going to be pretty fucking EPIC!
  17. Can only hope...

    ...talking of which, does anyone here happen to know what font was used for the grand swirly lettering of the Overpowered era?
  18. Oh wow. I never ever thought about a possible Black Madonna and Roisin collaboration but now that I've seen the pic I believe they could create the hottest dance track in the entire world.
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  19. Shelley Allegro Script
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  20. She can do no wrong (except Jealousy and Simulation). Overpowered II or not, I’m excited for new music. Bring it on, Ro.
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