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Róisín Murphy - (New Songs & Album 2018)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Jealousy worked when i saw her at Ancienne Belgique on the Hairless Toys tour, it was the Disco Remix.

    It did go on for a bit longer than i wanted mind.
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  2. Simulation is fantastic. I'd love more of that direction.
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  3. thanks, would never have identified it otherwise.
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  4. Based on evidence, the album will probably be somewhat close to Simulation.

    1. It's a dance album
    2. Eddie is not a producer on it
    3. She has been working with Parrot A LOT and he produced Simulation.
    4. She said this is the album "Overpowered should've been"

    I highly doubt there will be 12 minute songs as such, but if I had to bet, the album is entirely produced by Parrot and goes for a slightly more bombastic but similar sound to Simulation.

    I could be totally wrong obviously. She first started working on the album in late 2015 so the direction easily could've totally changed.
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  5. The album Overpowered should have been...

    Ró don’t throw the original under the bus like that!
  6. I get the feeling she had a very negative experience with EMI and it's shaped her view of some stuff from that era.
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  7. I don’t love Overpowered either. Her other 3 solo albums I adore. I don’t think it’s kooky enough.
  8. Unless it's same album* she was working before HT
    *including Demon Lover
  9. That would be something. She does occasionally bring up Demon Lover. She knows we want it. I highly doubt we'll ever see the likes of Earn It or Billionaire or Silent Running... But I could see her giving us Demon Lover. We basically already have heard the whole thing anyways.
  10. Oh my god I love Simulation, I will be so pleased if the new album is along similar lines.

    I took my BF to see her in Portland (she's rarely in the US so I SCRAMBLED to get my ass there) and he said it was one of the best concerts he's ever seen, and I had never played him any of her music before.

    Also anytime she changed outfits or headpieces he would go "um, she just won that challenge". (I turned him onto Drag Race recently as well.)
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  11. Can’t say I’m a massive fan of Jealously either it’s certainly one of my least favourite upbeat tracks of hers but I love Simulation to death. But don’t forget DJ Parrot/All Seeing I/Crooked Man is pretty versatile......he produced Sunshine - her most daft pop track out there.

    I holding out hope for a proper album.......but this being Roisin I won’t be surprised if it’s just a selection of seven 8 minute mininal house dubs with whispery vocal samples - which I’m sure would be lovely but I can’t say I’d care for.
  12. I don't think it will be. She's yet to put one of those types of songs on an actual album. Nervous Sleep is the closest she's come on any solo album. She clearly enjoys making club tracks like that, but I wouldn't worry that she'll put out an entire album of that. Sonically similar, sure, maybe.

    The fact that she changed her profile pic to be sans makeup is very interesting to me. She's gorgeous, obviously. I feel like this is some sort of hint though. Roisin is very deliberate. Only one more month until we get something though!
  13. I love you.
  14. What is this bus everyone keeps talking about?

    I would die if she gave us Demon Lover. But I think even if she did it would be a totally different version than what we heard on that V&R runway 8 years ago. More probable it's not gonna be on the album.

    Also, only one more month? I bet even if they keep with March, it'll be like a 30 second teaser released on March 31st.

    On a different note: Does anyone have a good quality version of It's Alright with Me (Live)? Every one you find online sounds distorted at several points :(
    I mean, does it really sound that bad on the DVD? Otherwise I'd just buy it.
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  15. Today i decided to take the bus to work instead of driving with my car, and gave Hairless Toys another spin. With the cold air and the crowded bus stop setting up the atmosphere, i was once again, smitten by the brilliance of her. It is my favorite record from her, needless to say, everything was so on point that era. I still think about the video of Evil Eyes.
  16. I’m still fairly new to Róisín, as I heard Exploitation in a Topshop here in HOUSTON TEXAS of all places one day and had to track it down about a year ago.

    I did Hairless Toys first, and Overpowered next. Any pointers on what release of hers to listen to next? My favorite song is Let Me Know, I’m very excited to be around for a new era of hers though!
  17. Ruby Blue for sure. It is very jazzy Overpowered with a dash of the quirkiness of Hairless Toys provides. Sow Into You is the huge bop of the record and Closing of the Doors is a nice and solemn bookend for the record.

    I still do not like Take Her Up To Monto aside from couple songs so i may be biased against it. I think it is too disjointed for me and something about it feels off and pretentious. However i do recommend the bonus song she has released for it, called "Discomfort of Strangers". It is a sleek bop.
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  18. How odd to point out these fantastic bangers. Are you ok?
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  19. Well.. Jealousy feels unfinished. It could have been trimmed down - someone from here made an edit of the disco mix, which I think is great!

    Simulation takes forever to build.. They could have shaved off 6 minutes from the song - maybe then it would have been good.

    I’ve nothing against songs crossing the 5 minute mark - Yellow Moon is perfect! And both Jealousy and Simulation pale in comparison to Yellow Moon..
  20. Sorry but I have no love for Jealousy too. It's just monotonous. But then I'll contradict myself by saying I love Simulation, which is arguably just as monotonous).
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