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RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. PayPal says hi.
  2. No. Alaska IS the right winner of Allstars 2.

    I would have preferred Katya but Alaska was absolutely the most consistent throughout.
  3. Didn't say she wasn't but I would have loved to see the mess that would ensure from it..
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  4. After that episode she really should have, but I don't think any would have gotten anyway with eliminating the person who'd won the most challenges (Some deserved, some not so much)

    Taking out the judges critiques, I think Katya and Alaska were neck and neck really, objectively. Either of them could have won.

    For the lip sync challenge I think Alaska should have been low, when she was safe, (as much as I hate to say it, I think Ginger did better than Alaska, Phi Phi and Roxxxy that week).
    For the acting challenge there's no way Katya deserved to be bottom 3
    I know she didn't have a flag up her wig sleeve, but I think Katya's cherrybomb lip sync was better

    Taking all this into consideration, I think Katya and Alaska were about equal.
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  5. Alaska definitely didn't deserve to be eliminated because of one mediocre runway.
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  6. No, she didn't. But I was talking about her immature breakdown in the same episode.
  7. Detox would have instantly become iconic for being the ultimate game player, getting rid of the competition in a rare moment of weakness would have been an amazing moment of television.
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  8. Katya won two of her lipsyncs in my eyes... It's maddening out of three Ru didn't give her one, but then her choices (Roxxy twice), weren't good for the narrative.
  9. Y'all are really naive if you don't think the producers knew which lipstick the queens picked each and everytime. RuPaul's "shocked" reaction when Detox eliminated Alyssa was completely fake. If they didn't want Alyssa to go, she wouldn't have gone, the unfair elimination got people talking and created drama. They would never have allowed the queen who picked Alaska's lipstick to win the lipsync.
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  11. I get what you mean, but what if they'd both picked Alaska?
  12. Well, didn't they literally film the part where they're picking the lipsticks...?

    I don't think Ru necessarily always knew though. There was no reason for the producers to want to see Tati go over Roxxxy (the second time), given Tati was giving us some great moments, and apart from "Why is Roxxxy still here", she wasn't giving us much to talk about.
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  13. Trixie is my spirit animal

  14. You know, I feel like this may actually happen. In the past, Ru has said the network doesn't get the right edit of the taped finale until the day of the finale so people don't know who's won -- hence the multiple takes at the crowning -- so I've always wondered if they go back through and remove sound effects and frank-edit confessionals to make someone appear a certain way. But, that could derail what the producers are trying to accomplish as an end goal. TL;DR we just don't know
  15. Okay but it's 2017, can we stop using the term spirit animal please.
  16. @silkandskin = Sasha
    @Stuart = Eureka
  17. I've never been more insulted to be compared to somebody.
  18. Hopefully it'll inspire you to change.
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  19. oooh she already done had herses
  20. I said I felt