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RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. But why push it straight to negativity?
  2. Katya so obviously won the Cherry Bomb lip sync.

    It's a shame because All Stars 2 is probably the tightest and most exciting season of Drag Race (barring Season 3's Untucked) but it's eliminations were the most baffling. If they wanted to stir up drama, surely breaking up Rolaskatox would have proven more exciting than keeping Roxxxy around. Watching the Reunion, it was like Alyssa was top 4 anyway.
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  3. The challenge recycling is real but I don't even care. I need this.
  4. Katya lost the Cherry Bomb lipsync the moment Alaska licked her cheek.
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  5. Even as a die hard Katya stan I don't think she was robbed of a lip sync win. Alaska's Cherry Bomb lip sync performance is one of my favorites.
  6. I agree. I mean it was a very close lip sync but Alaska took it in the second half, as she did in their other lip sync together. And the Step It Up lip sync was just poor all round.
  7. I kinda think Katya dressing for the lip sync ultimately hurt her, conversely I think Alaska's energy made the lip sync work for her.
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  8. I feel like Alaska relied too much on comedy for Cherry Bomb. It worked in some part, particularly when she licked Katya's face, the flag had no relevance to performance. Similar to how she was praised for doing Little Poundcake even though her 2 in 1 look was literally half trash, it just felt gimmicky and like she was rewarded for the sake of it.
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  9. I don't really think Alaska was all that funny in Cherry Bomb, for me the look at 1:24 sealed her as an actual punk singer who would do Cherry Bomb live on stage. To me it was the exact mix of punk and camp that make Cherry Bomb.

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  10. Every time I rewatch an All Stars 2 lipsync I get so thrown when Manila's chop chop chop chop doesn't follow Ru's.
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  11. Exactly this. Katya gave a great performance (hello jump split) but it was still Drag. Alaska revealing the American flag from her wig is exactly the kind of subversive shit Ru lives for.
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  12. Alaska won the lip sync but I wanted Katya to win that challenge so bad. Her ad was actually funny and Alaska's was... reductive. It also would've saved Tatianna from getting unjustly eliminated. Most of the annoying parts of All Stars 2 could've been avoided if Katya won that lip sync.
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  13. Which song is that from?
  14. Literally The Chop:

  15. Ok but the chorus is a 10.
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  16. Other phrases to be banned forever:
    Life hack
    Wine o'clock
    Miss your face
    Of a Tuesday (or any day)
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  17. This is such a mess.

    *bops anyway*
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  18. OK, Sasha's harsh make-up makes it look like The Grand High Witch has announced its safe for her to remove her wig.
  19. "Don't come for me kuz love trumps hate"

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  20. And Alexis ignored her decree.