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RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. I think Detox has a bit of a "queen bee" air around her, and a lot of the drag race circles are somewhat scared of her, so few of them will argue with her.

    I just googled "Detox Valentina" and Detox is low key obsessed.
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  2. And yet she couldn't even go Top 3 originally, kii.
  3. Yet another reason to love Jinkx Monsoon.
  4. I've never liked Detox and didn't on either of her seasons, but my hatred for her amplified in the Untucked of the episode where they had to make a runway look out of/inspired by candy. When Detox joined Roxxxy's hate train and it was just horrible to watch her saying how Jinkx didn't deserve to be there. Even after all these years, she's still a jealous and bitter queen, dragging other girls down instead of lifting them up.

    Not a mega Bob fan, but I agree with him (and his take on the situation):
  5. I can't endorse this because I really don't like Jinkx that much but yas for her keeping Detox's flop ass from the final.
  6. Okay except that routine is literally legendary. Put ya lighters up, OWW!
  7. I have died rewatching the season 5 premiere, when Lineysha Sparx makes a joke about blocking her face with her shoulder garment in case she has to lipsync. Prophetic queen!
  8. Ru revealed his top 3 most shocking moments from the show:

    3. Roxxxy revealing she was left at a bus stop and wig underneath a wig
    2. Valentina's lipsync
    1. Ongina revealing her HIV status
  9. Literally every queens instagram is full of roses from season 1-9.. Valentina's impact is real.
  10. As you can tell from my accent, I am from Dallas, Tex-ASS
  11. I remember watching Season One on E4 late at night and the moment Ongina fell to her knees in tears stunned me. Iconic television. That and Shannel's wig coming off mid-lipsync! Gasp.
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  12. I'd have made it a top 5 and tossed in Willam's DQ and the first double elimination.
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  13. Those wouldn't have been shocking for Ru though would they?
  14. No.
  15. Oh you meant YOUR top 5 shocking moments? Sorry I was thinking you'd add those 2 to Ru's list. I'll see myself out...
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  16. Detox sure can dish it out, but she sure can't take it.

    I think the comments she receives are disgusting, but she is vile, she tries to stir the pot and attack people because... because she thinks she is some kind of drag legend, guess what? you are not Raven or Raja or Nina Legendary Flowers.
  17. [​IMG]

    Scammin' money don't make the money but freaky money do get the money etc.
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  18. Mariah Balenciaga is SO messy in this that I need her on All Stars 3 even more.
  19. I really respect Mariah's promotion of the LGBT community as an independent 'body' from mainstream.
  20. [​IMG]
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