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RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Every now and again I put stuff up that I think is funny, and that tends to be bits and bobs from Untucked.

    I put that up on my Instagram too because it made me laugh so hard. Seriously. There's no sound, for some reason. There was sound at one point.

  2. I'm re-watching season 3 and the first 3 lip-syncs were disastrous. Shangela and Venus literally beating each other up and then the legendary Mimi/India Ferrah moment.
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  3. Raven talks about Emmy nominations. He and Delta were basically given one day notices to come in and do Ru for S9 after filming had already started. He says that Mathu personally picked him as his replacement ("drag xerox machine" lmao), and that he's dedicating his nomination to him.

  4. I actually watched all of that. I love Raven. I'm cackling at her thinking that they were going to make her compete after a double elimination. And Ru looked phenomenal at the finale, so it took some time, but Raven's got it down and I'm happy that she's being invited back to the next season.
  5. Raven is brilliant.
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  6. That must mean Mathu didn't storm out after a disagreement! He chose Raven and Delta.
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  7. Weeeeeellll, the way Raven tells it in the video sounds like the whole "You would be my successor" talk happened years ago. He says that all he knows is that Mathu wasn't fired, and that "things had to change". The whole thing is pretty much still shrouded in mystery. I just think that if there hadn't been a blowout, Raven wouldn't have had to come in on a day's notice. Things would have been planned out, contracts drawn up, etc. etc.
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  8. Unless it was a health issue that meant Mathu physically couldn't do his job?
  9. Depending what it is, that's still a possibility. And I admit that makes the speculation (also on my part of course) a bit tasteless.
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  10. That list on the last page is homophobic. Thorgy Thor over Courtney Act?? Saying Trinity Taylor couldn't do comedy when she killed both of the acting challenges?
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  11. Late to the party here, perhaps, but Nina just posted a pic of her with Rucap guy, Lee Dawson, and it turns out he's a personal trainer (whose following is picking up considerably since the pic).

    There is no reason for me whatsoever to be surprised, but... I just am?

    He's also editing the next episode right now.
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  12. He's a Manc, and I've spotted him behind the bar at one of my favourite night spots. I stay a bit thirsty, but who wouldn't.
  13. Miss Fame did that.

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  14. This tweet has exploded.

  15. I adore Miss Fame.
  16. Miss Fame is one of my all time favs and I give no fucks. She's also the only meet and greet I've ever done.
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  17. Zayn and Gigi should dress as man and woman only!!!1
  18. Don't be thick. You know that's not what Miss Fame - or anyone else - is saying here.
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