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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. I had to unfollow her because I was starting to hate the good sis ddd.
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  2. Trinny's better on twitter tibbs.
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  3. The lighting on the Trixie and Katya show is homophobic.
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  4. In what universe when you discount 'So Emotional' is Sasha the deserving winner? Quickly.

    And with 'So Emotional' teebs.
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  5. Out of curiosity, since it seems the consensus here is that Sasha was an underserving winner and Shea was robbed, is it the consensus, too, that Shea deserved all 4 of her wins? Is the consensus that Ru is always or usually right in her selection of who should win each challenge? Because personally, I find myself agreeing with her only half the time, maybe less. So while the "statistics" don't suggest it, I'd say that Shea, Sasha and Trinity were pretty much equal in terms of the performance in the season, and I would've been happy with any of them winning. I mean, as Trinity said, the "real winner" of the season will always be Val, anyway.
  6. Shea wasn't robbed, Trinity was, then Valentina.
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  7. How was Valentina robbed when she couldn't even be bothered to learn the lipsync song? I love her but come on...
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  8. She's still milking this? Really?
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  9. She shouldn't have even been in the bottom two in the first place.
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  10. UMMMMMM "DIRTY"?!?!?!
  11. I haven’t watched since it aired because the results of the challenge across the board were pretty awful but I remember their skit being pretty clearly the worst.
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  12. My issue with that episode was that the judges seemed to base everything on the pilots themselves. Like, why does Sasha and Shea having the best pilot automatically make them the winners of the week? Shouldn't the runway play a factor in that decision? Frankly, I think Trinity was robbed - besides maybe Peppermint, she had the best runway look, and killed it in the pilot. The fact that Shea and Sasha's pilot was better shouldn't really matter when Trinity herself was just as funny as they were. And on that note, why should Alexis - wearing a basic ass outfit for like, the seventh week in a row - be saved from the bottom just because her pilot was funnier than Nina and Valentina's, when she herself wasn't funny? Valentina's natural charisma shined through her messy pilot, while Alexis faded to the background. And as for the runway? I mean, Valentina's look wasn't Club Kid enough, but three episodes later, Shea wore a pink graffiti dress and called it a rainbow look, and won the challenge. Mess.
  13. I don't even think they really care about the runway anymore. They mostly base their decisions on the challenge.
  14. There were a couple of times this season where I think they got it slightly wrong, but I mostly agree. I actually agree with Raja and and Raven that Charlie Hides made the best "princess" outfit rather than Trinity. I also think that the Your Pilot's On Fire episode should have gone to Trinity rather than a Shea/Sasha joint win. Trinity stood out on her own in the challenge and also her (as well as Peppermint's) club kid look was the best.
  15. Whaaaat? Her pilot was fucking terrible and Nina can't act. Alexis, Peppermint, Trinity, Sasha, and Shea all did a good job and each managed to squeeze a laugh out. Valentina is an ethereal creature but c'mon...she was very rightfully in the bottom.
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  16. All fair points. The judging is incredibly inconsistent and the rules seem made up as the show goes. Whether or not the girls are judged as a team or as individuals, how much the runway counts, etc. seems solely up to either what will make for the most dramatic lip sync, or as a way of setting up a girl who has completed her arc story-wise for failure/possible elimination.
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  17. It's the equivalent of her 'one hit wonder' hit - of course.
  18. I think if Ru had given Sasha the win for the Pride Ball, we wouldn't even be discussing this anymore. Sasha would have 3 wins, a lot of highs and no lip-syncs. She would be the rightful winner AND still do well in the finale lip-syncs.

    But Ru decided to make Shea one of the three queens ever to have 4 wins on a season, but the first to not win the season. It was just a bit misguided and unnecessary. Shea's win for the Ball wasn't even that deserved. They were all pretty shit, so they could've easily skewed it in Sasha's favour since every judge had such a hard on for those looks.
  19. There is no way they could've given Sasha the win for what was essentially two pieces of fabric pinned onto her body, when Shea had contracted an entire cape. I actually preferred Sasha's rainbow look but her unicorn look was try-hard and costumey...
  20. No shade to Shea cause the cape was lovely... But that was all she did.