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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. What would be entertaining/exciting about yet more fake reactions? They can keep those in the vault as far as I'm concerned.

    What I WOULD like to see leaked however is the full fight between Tatianna and Tyra during the bridal episode...
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  2. RJF


    ...Do these exist? Ru actually going through the motions of pretending to eliminate Bianca (and her going along with it) is actually something I would love to see.
  3. Maybe THAT'S when she punched Michelle in the tit...
  4. What movie?
  5. War On Everyone
  6. War On Drag.

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  7. Willam looks good.
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  8. Oh honey, it's the last UNHhh honey. Hooonnneeeeyyy.

  9. This is giving me "I misunderstood the assignment."
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  10. I love Laura Dern
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  11. I’m throwing myself out a window

  12. I love The Vicar of Dibley
  13. I actually choked. The accuracy.
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  14. sis not that avatar
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  15. Do you think Venus D’lite is mad that she paid to look like Madonna but Milk is the one working with her in an official capacity?
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  16. I find it strange how Venus insist on looking like Madonna did in 1982 and not any look after that or Madonna currently.
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  17. Jinkx Monsoon just messaged me on Grindr and I know it’s her because where I live all the gays have too much internalised homophobia to watch Drag Race! Am shook!
  18. Yes.
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  19. Venus D’lite is also just perminantly pressed so.
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  20. Nina Bo'nina Linda Evangelista Brown is iconic.

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