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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Dddd this is generous, Raja is the worst at extrapolating on her opinions. Whenever something is weird it’s either ‘fucking cool’ or deeply offensive to her taste. With little more than a few ‘uhhh...’s and tenuous connections to back them up.
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  2. Also, if the outfit includes a reference to literally anyone: "Well I'm a big _______ fan, and this is so them"

    Love Raja but her critiques on FPR border on requiring their own TVTropes entry sometimes.
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  3. Sure Jan

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  4. Still waiting for Violet to appear on Fashion Photo Ruview, or ideally, take it over.
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  5. I feel like Violet is too busy making actual coinz.
  6. Yeah Violet's surely too busy, but just like Bob I'm sure she wouldn't be afraid to read anyone so I'd appreciate her presence. I'm so looking forward to Raven and Raja tooting every single thing Morgan wears this season.
  7. I mean, i'm sure Morgan can wear one passable look?
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  8. Of course she can, but Raven tooting her promo look when she had ankle straps up to her asshole was interesting.

    Jesus Christ can we get the super trailer already
  9. The girls always wanna appropriate Ms. Naomi Smalls, huh?
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  10. Morgan's promo look was atrocious.
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  11. I didn't like the promo at all. I might've liked the looks if it wasn't such a visually grievous attack of gold.
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  12. The shadiest thing you can say about Morgan McMichaels is that....she's Morgan McMichaels.
  13. No thanks, Violet is a motor mouth. She literally wouldn't let anyone else speak at the fashion Drag Con panel a few years ago.
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  14. Violet should just sit in silence and look amazing. That's all we need from her anyway.
  15. Well that's just as well considering Naomi Smalls and Milk were the other panelists.

  16. Fuck pop music!! This is tongue pop!!!

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  17. okay this is hilarious

  18. Okay but I live for Shea of all people causing Valentina to crack and finally show a bit of that diva that we've heard about behind the scenes.

    "Do I look upset to you?" makes me gag every time.
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  19. Because nobody is more qualified than her to speak about that.

  20. Tenth queen confirmed.