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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. It’s not about consistency when there’s good TV to be made sis
  2. It’s not about constitency as long as Shangela continues to be amazing
  3. All Stars 2 was so riggamorrised for the snake to win. It did make me stan for Alyssa Edwards and Tatianna even more so cheers for that.

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  4. I don’t see how AS2 was riggamorrised in anyone’s favour, except for the setup allowing Roxxxy to be saved by her friends. Alaska gave an amazing performance throughout the season, and she fully earned her spot in the hall of fame. Anyone who disagrees is a 12 year old white girl.
  6. I don’t think AS2 was riggamorrised for Alaska. I just think, going into it, everyone knew deep down that she was probably going to smash it so when she actually started to win a load of challenges then people screamed “riggamorris”... but I mean anyone else winning that season would have felt wrong. Even though Katya came close.
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  8. Still thinking about Miss Dela and her improv lines so good they sounded scripted and workshopped to perfection i.e. "Have you ever taken out a catheter?" and "Remember I already ate this once before", half slurred through that askew blonde fringe with mashed banana glistening on her breastplate.
  9. Solenciennes

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    Yeah Alaska's win wasn't rigged, she bulldozed her way through it, she just sanded off all edges to her personality in her hellbent pursuit of winning that Katya ended up outshining her with her hilarious talking heads. That, coupled with Detox and Alaska weakly backing away from putting Roxxxy out of her misery, made her look awful.
  10. If it wasn't for the R*laskatox buffoonery tainting Alaska's completely deserved road to the crown, I honestly don't think Katya would be as much of a fan-favourite as she is now - and she might be my favourite queen ever. People do too much over how that season went. Alaska smashed as expected while Katya, Tati and Alyssa became all-time fan favourites, everyone wins.
  11. I was transfixed and horrified by her performance, I got a stomach ache trying not to wake my housemate with laughter.
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  12. That bit in particular killed me. It's so good to see Ben having no trouble at all in going out of the limits of her 'nice middle-age lady' persona. The S6 Ben perhaps would have struggled doing something so radically different.
  13. Alaska’s win was truly deserved. It’s just a shame that she dragged her sub-par friends along with her (as has already been mentioned) which robbed us of further hilarity from Alyssa and more chance to watch Tatiana blossom.

    Alaska is the best ambassador for the show really. She has it all.

    Now, as for Chad Michaels winning...
  14. It's always a pleasant midweek surprise when I remember this thread exists and I'm 8 pages behind.
  15. Watching it for a second time, Ben just...bull-dozed it. Kennedy and Trixie had flashes of greatness (in that order) but with Snatch Game next week I don't see how Ben isn't gonna keep being great.
  16. Everyone remembers Bendela's Snatch Game but her roasting of Bianca in the puppet challenge was also legendary.

    2.23mins onward.

  17. She's gonna give the gays everything we want and Park Bom some coin to renovate her dungeon.
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  18. Ben was amazing but Kennedy’s ‘that dick’ was the only killer line of the night that didn’t feel rehearsed. It was brilliant.
  19. I’m surprised how much I’m here for Kennedy this season.
  20. Kennedy had SO MANY lines that were actually laugh-out-loud funny. "This ain't no party."
    "He was a crackhead."
    "So I SHOT HIS ASS."
    "That dick."
    "I'm a man."

    I love the cast we have left.
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