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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. I think the fact it was the first season to change the Untucked format might have made it stand out in a bad way. It also has one of my favourite challenges, but it's my least liked season. Weird.
  2. I think the story behind the scenes is that they desperately wanted Ginger to win, forcing her down our throats yet it just didn't work.
  3. I don’t think season 7 is any different in quality to 8 or 9 really? I find them all perfectly enjoyable.
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  4. That was weird and I liked it. And her mug is incredible.
  5. I think Season 7 started with a weird energy. There was an awkward silence for the entrances... Then it was straight to runway which i loved but it was quite negative. Then the challenge came, it was creative but the judges critiques were very negative.

    As the season continues we see Rupaul fighting with Pearl, a lot of strops, no sign of Kandy Ho, a really weird song challenge, strange editing with Max, a different untucked format... There was something very heavy about it all.
  6. Shangela took that lip sync and absolutely destroyed it. I felt bad for Trixie, it was like she wasn't even there.
  7. So, Ms. Jiggly has an album out now

    Dua Lipa is shook

    T.H.O.T. Process, available on iTunes
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  8. That thumbnail is so terrifying
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  9. OK but I need those fckbois IGsssss??????

    And didn't Jiggly say she wouldn't do "drag music"?
    Cause she doesn't that different from other Ru girls in there.
  10. I Don't Give A Fuck goes off a bit.
  11. I'm proud to be cut from the same fabric as Miss Jiggly. And sis @Trinu 3.0, I found the fckboi's IG.
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  12. Season 7 seems so lackluster because all the challenges from episode 3 (Shakesqueer) to episode 6 (Ru Hollywood Stories) were terrible. I think it had way more acting challenges than other seasons too with a cast that was clearly not made up of actors.
  13. *Ahem ahem*

    I'd argue that Glamazonian Airways was the peak of season 7 (with ep 1 bring kind of disappointing TBH), Snatch Game & Conjoined Twins being a brief bright spots, and then everything else.... Prancing Queens, shit, Hello Kitty Girls, shit, And The Rest Was Drag, shit. Fineish reunion, but the format change wasn't really needed at the time,
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  14. The producers or challenge designers really should've picked up it was going to be a more fashion heavy season based on casting and adjusted accordingly.

    Thankfully a large number of them got the boot after S7
  15. Can we get John Waters back with a better challenge for season 10?
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  16. It only worked for @Kirkland
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  17. Turned out well for Ginger in the end though. And my fave from Season 8 won, so there's that...
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  18. Season 7 seemed to be telling the story that Kennedy and Ginger were the top 2 and Violet was a Courtney Act style fishy queen with gag worthy looks.

    Then around the Top 7 they really turned up the bitter old ladies edit and made them both really hard to route for.
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  19. I actually had to pause and think for a min who Ginger was.
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  20. I love Kennedy and am constantly entertained by her. What a sweetheart.
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