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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. It's a tough one, which is why she inhabits a limbo in my opinion. She gave good runway, really strong looks that I still remember - but nothing else made the slightest bit of impact. No-one ever brings her name up for All Stars either. She just vanished, a bit like Max or LaShawn Beyond. I'm not sure where I'd place her in the pantheon of Drag Race.
  2. Kennedy deserves the world. So happy for ha
  3. I'm still irritated that the producers forced a Eureka "moment" on us by adding a dramatic "swoosh" noise when she bravely spread her arms out while also walking.
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  4. Vivenne Pinay, Rebecca Glasscock & Milan are the most garbage queens we've seen and thats that oan that.
  5. Milan's lipsyncs were brilliant though she doesn't really get any credit for them. Rebecca was the perfect bitch to antagonise Shannel everyone on Season One. Vivienne....yes, I agree.
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  6. Kimora is one of the all-time worst, too.
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  7. YES. Did she give us a funny moment or two? I honestly can't remember.
  8. I loved her first lip sync. Although Adore should have been there instead.

    Max is another queen for the robbed pile.
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  9. Well, she didn’t know what an adjective was...
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  10. I remember she was obsessed with defeating Cynthia's Cucu.
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  11. That doesn’t make her funny. That makes her moronic.
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  12. Surely Alissa Summers is the most forgettable queen of all time, therefore the most garbage?
  13. Milan's lipsync to Vogue saves her from being one of the all time worst in my eyes, that was a tight lipsync.

    Rebecca Glasscock
    Venus D'Lite
    Delta Work
    Carmen Carerra
    Alissa Summers
    Madame LaQueer
    Kenya Michaels
    Penny Tration
    Serena ChaCha
    Vivienne Pinay
    Honey Mahagony
    Magnolia Crawford
    Tempest DuJour
    Sasha Belle
    Kandy Ho
    Naysha Lopez
    Laila McQueen
    Robbie Turner
    Derrick Barry
    Cynthia Lee Fontaine
    Jaymes Mansfield
    Kimora Blac
    Charlie Hides
    Kalorie Karbdashian

    All of the bottom tier queens, imo. They either made zero impression on me, had irredeemably shit runways/performances in challenges, or just insufferable to watch.
  14. She was completely rubbish but she did give us this gem:

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  15. What's an ajetive?
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  16. See.. her, Pennytration, Phoenix etc weren't really given the opportunity to be truly garbage. They're almost in their own tier of just being forgettable early-outs. Poor tings.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Oh my wig how could i forget Sasha Belle. Nah fuck my other posts she's definitely the worst.
  19. Phoenix was a cunt to Miss Stacy Layne Matthews and thought she wasn’t competition, when she did shit in both challenges she was there for and butchered Bad Romance, that’s enough to make her one of the worst.
  20. Don't forget her twinsies India ferrah also! About the same level!
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