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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Phoenix really was horrible - her attitude and her drag were both rotted. Hopefully she's improved both in the eight years since season 3.
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  2. Your other posts MiSuNdeRsToOd tHe AsSiGnMenT.
  3. Delta Work is the flattest (ironic I know) and most hateful character that's been on the show.
  4. I agree. So uncomfortable and unpleasant to watch now. She makes season 3 a partial slog to get through, despite a great cast, overall.
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  5. She’s fairly nasty off the show too, like that bizarrely aggressive post about how Trixie was a pig that would be found dead under a mattress in a drug den because she was being cold to Delta and some other queens. Work on your wigs!
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  6. I can't get over the wig Delta Work wore on The Pit Stop, that shows how much of a mess she is.
  7. It's upsetting to see how absolutely shit Raja has got post show. Whereas Manila has kept the quality of her drag absolutely top notch.
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  8. The bottom tier queens are mediocre yes, Delta is a piece of work, sure, but I'm sorry there is nobody I hate/loathe/detest more than fucking Rebecca Glasscock. I'm sure she's a nice person and all, but honey sister sweetie pie, that's NOT drag. That's her basically crossdressing for some 'str8' boys to suck some dicks* and that does not warrant a placement on a show about the art of drag - not even on Season 1.

    *I would know the difference cause I do the same. I think I just read myself right there. That Shangela influence.
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  9. The way Monique said “watermelon” in her runway commentary last week keeps reverberating in my head. She’s such a treasure.

    Also, she’s currently on Instagram live praising Beychella. Yesterday she was going off while in line at Starbucks. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t follow her.
  10. How many ways are there to say WOW!!!

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  11. Okay, but all of these lerrrks and fashyonezzz had me gagging this last episode. Cracker turning it the fuck out and even then being destroyed by Aquaria makes me think they're setting them both up for a fall this next episode or the one after that don't @ me.

    Everybody had at least one look that I was gagging for, even Dusty.... Poor thing.

    And they really have got to stop with the fucking contacts though. I don't think I've even seen Mayhem's real eye color once. Seaux stop it. /kthxbai
  12. I wouldn’t class Serena as a bottom tier queen. At least she was memorable in her own terrible way.
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  13. Really you can categorise the queens in two ways, by their calibre of drag, and by their tv entertainment values.

    Most of the successful drag queens combine the two, and then you have queens like Serena who are entertaining because of how much of a train wreck they are.
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  14. Okay but HOW has no one mentioned Dax Exclamationpoint in the 'worst queens' list?? That drag name alone...
  15. I legitimately forgot about Dax dddddd. She might actually be the most forgettable queen ever, Alisa is so forgettable that she's actually remembered for being forgettable, if that makes sense. Dax... what even happened with her after the show?
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  16. Yes. We also need to include Laila McQueen on there too; she's a greatest hits compilation of other superior queens without one interesting or creative concept in her drag.
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  17. Do the queens still do Heaven in London the week after their elimination? Or do they just appear their randomly?
  18. I don't know anything about Delta outside the show. What has she done that makes her an asshole?
  19. LTG


    Ru's hair.
  20. But we haven't even talked about how Sasha Belle and Laila attempting to be Instagram thirst traps has eclipsed their drag queenery. The level of cringe...far too much.
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