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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Coco is such a surreal character, love her
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  2. This cannot be real but I blame Sasha anyway.
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  4. Ru’s head has started rejecting her shitty wigs. By S11 the wig will he pinned to the wall behind Ru.
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  5. Those RPDR "Facts" accounts are full of shit.
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  6. He


    As if that would have accomplished anything.

    Also, I do not think you can shave your head that easily. I call BS.
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  7. The best thing Lalia Mcqueen did was work that applause lip sync.
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  8. Shaving one's head...with..just a dry razor...? I believe the 12 year old running the Tixyadorio5000 Facts page meant clippers when they were coming up with their bs.
  9. Talent supporting

    T A L E N T
  10. Did they ever? I'm surprised!
    But I think not anymore. They are quite in demand in the US these days, I believe.

    I think the first time we'll have S10 queens in the UK will be during the summer with

    As for the Delta slander...

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  11. Work? It took work to wear that flat-ass wig and those granny panties during the lip-sync, I'll give her that.
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  12. Ah one of the Season 10 Queens appears to be coming in May. So I wasn’t sure if they had spoiled their own elimination.
  13. The best thing Laila McQueen did was go home.
  14. OMG WHO!??! WHEN?!!?!
  15. They appear quite often, but I don’t think it’s linked to their elimination.

    Yuhua appeared a few weeks ago and I see Kameron, Eureka, Vanjie, Aquaria and Monet are all booked over the next few months.
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  16. W A I T at Dax ExclamationPoint being Violet Chachki's drag mother.
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  17. Vanjie's Porn Idol is at the start of my birthday weekend, I almost cried.
  18. Violet paying her absolute dust during the photo shoot in S8 was delicious.
  19. I'm still thinking about the Celebrity Skin lipsync. The show needs more grunge rock lipsyncs.
  20. Honestly thought that was one of the worst songs ever chosen for ‘Lipsync for Your Life’.
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