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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. When it got two and half minutes in and thought she'd neglected Nicki's 'Whip It' and sis came the fuck through.


    I love her so dearly.
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  2. I had to stop for a second and think who else was eliminated this season.
    Kalorie, Yuhua and Dusty didn’t leave a lasting impression ohatall.gif

    I can’t wait for Vanjie to come out of a box in S11.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. RJF


    Surprised you're not stanning then considering you just described Trixie to a tee. And she won! With several asterisks attached, but still! There's hope for everybody!

  5. Has anyone noticed the cute lil baseball cap guy who is always to the right of Cracker during her club performances feeling his oats and generally living his best gay life? He and Cracker are in love in my head.
  6. Well my GOODNESS there's room for EVERYBODY this season thread.
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  7. So happy Eureka got a win this week. She was brilliant in the maxi challenge, however I wasn't a fan of the runway look. I was LIVING for Monique's look though and I too thought it was a brown cow print haha.
  8. BTG


    I mean, my favourite is Drag Race royalty Monique Heart and I never saw that coming for a second based on the pre-show interviews and lerks.
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  9. this is hateful but i laughed

  10. Eureka praise and Cracker slander in the past few pages? In 20gayteen???
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  11. Umm kind of a weird request, but could someone make a gif of Raja’s BLESS for Dusty in Fashion photo ruview? @send photo @BEST FICTION ?
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  12. I have it on my computer already so I’ll do it in a second.
  13. Didn't know if you wanted it with subtitles or not, or the boot + bless, so c'mon variation!

  14. I would pay a very big amount of money to witness this live.

    OH MY GOD I kind of hope she lands in the bottom so we can witness her MURDER someone on the main stage.
  15. Spell her name right, Mutha Darlin'.
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  16. I love you.
  17. Are Asian guys not a thing Kameron’s neck of the woods? That entire conversation over his preference in men was beyond cringe, I can see why he doesn’t get much airtime...
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  19. Nooooo
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  20. Vivacious is SHOOK.