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Sam Smith - The Thrill of It All (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Saturdays4Eva, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. The original demo album that Sam Smith recorded in 2010/11 (that got him noticed) is being polished up into a dance album and released soon via Kosmo Records. First single is "Moments". The whole project has Sam Smith's blessing, because Kosmo Records did discover him apparently. Album is coming soon.

  2. Just Be Free / Cosmic Climb teas.
    Watch it be ace!
  3. The song doesn't sound bad.
  4. I posted this in his thread a few days ago, it's brilliant. His best since Latch.
  5. RJF


    The fact it's not falsetto overkill makes it better than 90% of his album.

    Michael Jackson vocal tics all over the place though.
  6. K94


    Exciting! Although he has that typical gay doing cheap ass music voice on that otherwise great record. I'm looking forward to this.
  7. So what happened with this?
  8. I'm not hear for a maudlin Ladele. Sorry.
  9. I like how you spliced that inbetween two pieces of praise, to make sure the criticism would be seen as constructive.
  10. K94


    I didn't make sure anything, hun. I say what I think.
  11. I know the forum is indifferent to Sam Smith at best, but this album is out now - it's called The Lost Tapes: Remixed. I'm streaming it now, liking it so far and it sounds a lot less cheap/thrown together than I assumed it would.

    I really really hope he gets dancier and more electronic for the proper second album; obviously his people won't want to mess with the winning formula but if he's going to achieve cultural ubiquity for another campaign, at least let it be with music that's exciting! Mary J. Blige's latest would be a good reference point.
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  12. This made me laugh because it's true.
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  13. Sam has just broken Emeli Sandes record for the longest consecutive weeks in the UK top 10 album chart at 67 weeks and its still top 5.
  14. Poor Emeli Sande
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  15. Come through
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  16. As much of a mess that whole Oscars situation was and his slight insufferableness, I'm interested in seeing what he'll do next. I enjoyed his debut for what it was so if he manages to deliver some jams, I'm not opposed.
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  17. I think I'd prefer Sam Smith to Ed. I think.
  18. He's apparently releasing in September
  19. This sounds like a threat
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  20. Halsey, Harry, and now Sam. What kind of Unholy Trinity?
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