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Sarah Whatmore

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by dietcokeaddict, Dec 14, 2016.

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  2. I don't understand? There's 3 songs on that iTunes clip, no? Which album is this meant to be - the one with When I Lost You on?
  3. I'm not sure but there is definitely an unreleased album from the When I Lost You era.

    Sarah doesn't even have a copy so doubt we'll ever get to hear it unless that guy ever uploads it. SHAME!
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  4. I remember she had an album ready from this area indeed. But she didn't want to release it because Britney Spears released "Toxic" and she thought it was close to it. Some of her tracks were released by some other artists
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  5. When I Lost You still sounds fresh today. She had so much potential, big shame really.
  6. Nice. Production sounds a bit dated though. The video is a bit 'Anymore' by Melanie C.
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  7. It's pretty good but the production is very 2009 to me.
  8. Unexpected bawp.
  9. Oh wow the EP is excellent!
  10. Loved "Are You Ready For Love?" and wanted her debut to come out. Great news that she hasn't given up!
  11. Did that "Living Proof" album leak in the end?

  12. Sophie Monk eventually took this song, which Namie Amuro eventually covered as well..
  13. Her original debut album sounds so sublime, I really hope more tracks leak somehow someday. I'm glad she's back doing music but I can't see anything really catching on outside of her fanbase. I really like Touchscreen from the EP though.

    I noticed on Spotify she was on some random dance track too.

  14. The Full Circle mixes are very good, she really is a great song writer. She needs to ditch those trademark robot isolations in her new music video though. I'm here for a full album of bops.
  15. Did y'all see this?

  16. Are these from that first (unreleased) album? Along with When I Lost You?
  17. Does anyone know what the tracklist was supposed to be for Living Proof? I have seen this but don't know if it's right?
    • When I Lost You*
    • Automatic*
    • Real Man
    • Living Proof
    • Let The Heart Go
    • Don't Let Me Go*
    • Close To Me*
    • Can't Slow It Down
    • No One Knows
    • Guardian Angel

    I think the 4 with asterisk's next to them were on a sampler.

    other tracks I think are from the era are
    • Are You Ready for Love? [B Side to When I Lost You]
    • Moving On [on YouTube]
    • Come My Way [on YouTube]
    Anyone know the actual tracklising for the album?
  18. Oooh those sampler songs are quite good. I have her two singles from the cancelled album, both are tunes, but my favorite is the b-side Are You Ready For Love?.

    Crazy some fan has her album and she doesn't!
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  19. Close To Me and Don't Let Me Go have been out for over a decade, and remain fantastic. Still would kill for the rest of that debut album.
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