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Say Something Downright Pleasant About the Person Above You!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by someboy0716, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Forrem legend, Belgian Zad. You’re one of the first posters here who’s input I started to look forward to. I’m glad you came back after your quiet period, don’t you dare leave me again.
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  2. You're just a joy to have around and I loved you in the slasher game, Valentina's fan fave crown found rotting xo
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  3. Clara Oswald, the thing I find beguiling about you is how your sweetness and effervescence enriches your sometimes unexpectedly, stealthily venemous moments. It's a hard game to play, but you do it with aplomb.

    Google Translate: You're nice, and randomly shady. I like that.
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  4. K94


    We stan a cultured sista - I feel like I Google 90% of your references but I love them! A total ray of sunshine full of wit, and always up for a kii.
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  5. I feel like I don't see you around as much these days, but we love a selfie slaying queen. It's easy to be an asshole when trying to educate on social issues, but you strike the perfect balance and always keep it cute. I hope life is treating you well babe xx
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  6. We share a lot of opinions on drag race, nadine and music. I always enjoy your contribution to threads and looking forward to this slasher game x
  7. Queen of quoting my posts in the Sugababes thread... JK, I love reading your posts and being horrified at your makeover (as in when you're getting them) stories.
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  8. My queen, I love you so much and I’m so sad that you didn’t get the chance to come visit Falkirk. I hope to finally see you soon bae x
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  9. Your posts about Falkirk make me glad my great grandmother fled Scotland. You seem like an iconic big brother too.
  10. R92


    Amazing sapphic icon. You’re such a joy to talk to, and I love how passionate you are about whatever you approach, whether it’s stanning for a new music act, running a rate, or shutting down misogynistic posters. And you’re a joy to hang out with!
  11. An absolute treasure. I’m so happy for you after your recent coming out experience, hope everything else is treating you well gorge xx
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  12. One of my oldest PJ friends and for good reason! I always know I can turn to you with anything. Love you, bb!
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  13. Great taste and good person!
  14. That avatar of yours is gorgeous.
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  15. I wish I put half as much effort into any aspect of my life as you do into LOONA theories. Truly, stan LOONA.
  16. One of my best friends on the forum who I am so glad to have gotten to know over the past 2 years. I can message you about anything and you always have something supportive to say. You're super easy to talk to on and off the forum and your stories are too iconic for words. You're super funny and the GIFs you make are iconic. Also, thanks for getting me into Kpop, Ayu, Hikki, and Namie. Love you always, sis <3
  17. You’re my main girl for life. Finding you on this forum is probably the best thing to ever happen to me. You’ve helped me through some of the best and worst times in my life and I love you so much x
  18. You have a nice hole it would seem.
  19. Through the years we’ve stanned Charlie and Carly together. Queen of taste. Queen of land. Queen of PJ.
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  20. My fellow Not That Kind of Gay-skewing, shoegaze-loving, chubby-chasing comedy nerd sister in arms. All my love (by Major Lazer and Ariana Grande) forever.
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