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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. The structure this season has been odd. That type of singular focus on a different character every episode can be a lot of fun if someone you like is in the spotlight, but otherwise it can be pretty tedious. There have been good moments for sure but the main story has been a bit hard to care about because we're always zooming around in time to see how this stuff unfolded for seemingly every character on the show and that can be frustrating.

    I did quite like the past two seasons, particularly after season three which really saw the show go off the rails apart from some great scenes, like the Sally Langston scene I mentioned a few posts ago or Lisa Kudrow's Josie ranting during an interview.

    Where's Portia de Rossi been? Elizabeth North isn't my favourite character but you can usually depend on her for some fun dialogue.
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  2. I am saddened to read above Papa Pope and Hick are still alive.
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  3. (Spoiler ahead)

    The Huck death fake out was the moment I checked out because had he actually died it could have been a proper gear change for the show.
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  4. I've no idea why I still watch this. It's been embarrassingly bad for a good three seasons now.
  5. It's really been falling downhill for a few seasons, but this season has officially made it one of the worst shows on television....and yet, here I am still watching.
  6. I find this season oddly watchable. Maybe because there is no Olitz and Olivia being treated like crap by Fitz and going back for more, the presidential assassination is a distraction. But the whole story with Abby is ridiculous. you would think Abby would be smarter than that. Plus, the actress who is the head of that organization acts like she is in some bad soap opera and plays every scene as if she is a Scooby Doo villain. And yet again, I find it watchable.
  7. Whoa. What an episode. Hated the ending with Olitz (ugh).

    But that one moment was a bit shocking, even for Scandal.

    Bellamy Young was outstanding.
  8. I'm watching the most recent UK episode, where Olivia imagines what would have happened if they hadn't rigged the election. What a load of absolute shite.

    It would be the classic sign of a show bankrupt of ideas, had that not become obvious when they decided to turn Olivia into a murderer along with everyone else.
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  9. Hi Shonda
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  10. Fun fact that I just learned, she is the real-life daughter of the guy who plays Cyrus!!

    Question for anyone who is a more loyal gladiator than I have been. I feel like I must have missed something crucial. Peus and Rutland are supposed to be these evil overlords, they have their claws in everything... was there another scene that introduced them (as the villains) before the one where she alone walks into Papa Pope's lab and starts throwing around orders?
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  11. Fair enough, because that's exactly what she's in.
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  12. The progress they made earlier this season has completely lapsed with those last two episodes.

    The alternate reality for the 100th episode was a corny, meandering mess.

    The fact that Olivia inexplicably still defends her Father despite him being a sociopathic, mass murderer at the root of all her problems is so infuriating.

    Worse still:

    What did Portia de Rossi do to piss off the writers? She's appeared in about two scenes this season then gets bludgeoned to death. Her death really held no impact, nor did her "betrayal" as there was no set up

    Moreover, Olivia and Fitz kissing? Their romance would be easier to root for, had she not literally moved into the White House last season when their romance inexplicably fizzled out, and implied they weren't meant to be together.

    Just a mess. Why do i keep watching?
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  13. Portia was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly after the last episode and apparently she's got some new art business venture that she's been devoting her time to; she wanted out completely and they let her!--or so we are supposed to believe!
  14. I don't care what anyone says, this show has been and will be my guilty pleasure. I loathe every character and love every minute of hating them.
  15. Is it wrong that I love Mellie? I know she's scheming and cruel, but everything goes wrong for her - yet she's the only one who hasn't (hands on / intentionally) murdered someone yet. I want a happy ending for her more than anyone else.

    Also, are they planning to end after Season 7? It feels the wind-down is beginning.
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  16. The fact that our supposed "heroine" beat a disabled stroke victim to death with a chair is all you need to know.

    Obviously some of the best shows on TV have morally ambiguous characters front and centre, but this show is nowhere near well-written or well-plotted enough to be in that club.
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  17. I love Mellie. Like Olivia said, she's basically a good person. And she was adamant she was not going to side with that group until you-know-who got bludgeoned to death and her children were threatened.

    Bellamy Young is definitely the break-out star on Scandal. I love her scenes with Kerry, despite the fact that they should NOT work character-wise but Bellamy is just such a spark and she has great chemistry with Kerry.

    What happened to the burgeoning romance between Mellie and Marcus? I liked them together.

    BTW, Bellamy Young is a fantastic Jeopardy player. She was on Celebrity Jeopardy and literally scalped the other competitors. So Mellie...
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  18. Love Mellie as well.

    I can't help but think there may have been a story shift when the real election did not go as the writers anticipated, and we're seeing a messy season because of it. Remember, the season was put on hold due to Kerry's pregnancy so there was plenty of time for a directional shift.
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  19. Yeah, I think the intention was probably for the season to spend the first ten episodes tracking the election in real time. After Kerry’s pregnancy was announced that put a huge spanner in the works, because everyone would be completely bored of election campaigns come January. That’s probably why the whole season has been set post-election, but has been somewhat weighed down by endless pre-election flashbacks to give the show the exposition it needs to explain the assassination and conspiracies.
  20. Queen Mellie remains the only redeemable aspect of the series.
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