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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. It came back on Thursday, having been off since the end of January. I'm still deciding whether to cancel the series link.
  2. I mean it's absolute shit but as long as I know that and don't take it all all seriously I can kinda enjoy it still.

    Same goes for Empire which is even worse.
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  3. Glee and Gossip Girl were among my favourite "bit of fluff not to be taken seriously" shows and I binned both of them mid-season 4 because they had committed the cardinal sin of becoming boring. This, with its cyclical "Olivia loves Fitz/no she doesn't/yes she does" and all the B6-13/Olivia's dad shite, is heading much the same way.

    And I'll be parting company with Empire too if the second half of this season isn't a marked improvement.
  4. Even elements that were entertaining are boring now. Every twist is played same way. I can't stomch any more grand monologues which repeates same thing. Shonda needs to do "Grey's Anatomy" and clear stage of many characters in tragic dramatic fashion.
  5. And the whole "triangle" involving Portia's character with David and Susan is ridiculous.
  6. Susan is practically the only thing I'm watching for now. It is pure shit these days - I'm giving it till then end of the season and then binning it if it doesn't improve.
  7. How can it improve though? Literally almost every character is an irredeemable mass murderer.
  8. Ha i was just about to say the exact same thing. I can't keep up with who has the highest body count !!
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  9. Not only that but they're also stupid and charmless and the show seems to have forgotten the original premise of fixing DC scandals.
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  10. I got 2 seasons in and gave up.

    The constant yo-yoing in the president/Olivia relationship did my head in.

    I love you Olivia
    I hate you Olivia
    I want to be with you Olivia
    You are dead to me Olivia

    And that was just one episode.
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  11. Papa Pope's been added on as a regular cast member and I am the most done with him. Kill him please. I still think kindly of the show but if something doesn't have a major shake-up, I'm out.
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  12. I don't even know if I want to finish season 5. I don't even mind the story lines, I actually love it, but the push and pulling from The Pres and Olivia drives me mad. It's too much, it's like they want to destroy the show. 5 seasons of that nonsense is a bit too much for me.
  13. I've avoided the last 3 episodes as I'm just exhausted with the show. Is it worth revisiting them or am I just going to be left even more confused?
  14. Id leave it to be honest. Olivia and her dad are besties again for no plausible reason.
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  15. They should just kill Fitz. Also, how many more years are left in Fitz' presidency?
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  16. This is the last year.
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  17. Olivia and Fitz finally getting their happy ending, and it inexplicably fizzling out an episode later was just so odd and anticlimactic.
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  18. When she blew up everything by 'coming out' as his mistress, I was so excited and then they wasted it. Make up your fucking mind, show.
  19. The show was a thousand times better when they focused on the cases. B613 ruined the show.
  20. I just started watching the 2nd half of season 5. It starts with Olivia having dinner with her father for some unknown reason. In the next scene she is literally jumping on Jake for some unknown reason. It's proper rubbish isn't it.

    I give up.
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