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Scream : The TV Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by superglowy, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. A reboot is just what the show needs, I really think this should run as an anthology like series or even like how Skins (UK) ran. Albeit I would have appreciated closure to the last crew.
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  2. I liked him too and Emma!

    Such a shame we had no closure. Gutted.
  3. But I actually liked a large majority of the cast.
  4. Hmm I can't really be bothered with a new cast just for 6 episodes.
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  5. Really, MTV? They clearly had every intention of continuing the Brandon James mystery with the current cast pending renewal; do they think a rebooted 6 episode season is going to somehow become some ratings grabbing smash hit? When the show previously hasn't exactly knocked it out of the park in that regard?
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  6. I wonder if it had anything to do with the current cast's contracts? It's such a shitty decision, there must be an explanation.
  7. Is it just me, or does the (official) MTV Ghostface hanging Halloween dec look creepier than the one in the actual show?
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  8. According to IMDb the first episode of season 3 has all of the older cast in it and it airs in May?

    Are we sure they aren't just rebooting it after this upcoming season... that would make more sense, surely?
  9. Never trust IMDb's listings for upcoming TV episodes or movies. The older cast were probably added before all these rumours were out there.
  10. It's so bloody strange.

    Are they hoping the new cast will pull in extra ratings for those 6 episodes?
  11. I miss the hot one, Brooke's boyfriend who got gutted.

    EDIT: Jake, couldn't remember his name for the life of me.
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  12. I don't see anyone signing onto the show that's well known enough for good ratings because this was pretty much meant to be the show's swan song really? Very odd. If it's more girls like Audrey's girlfriend in the Halloween episode then kill me now.
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  13. Uno


    Maybe the first two seasons were just a red-herring so none of us would see a 6-episode mini series with the original film cast coming.
  14. I really enjoyed the first two seasons. I'm also surprised it's getting a reboot rather than a resolution.

    Surprised to see a lot of Brooke fans here too. For some reason I thought she may have been disliked.

    I like Emma and Noah the most I think.
  15. Literally the only outcome I would be happy with.
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  16. I don't really understand this decision. Especially since the show itself wasn't even a hit by MTV's low standards, anyway. I'm not even going to miss Emma or anyone else anyway, but, like...why? I hope the writers of this reboot at least have the sense to wrap up their story in these six episodes...
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  17. I'll miss Brooke, I wouldn't even be mad if they just brought her back but it still sucks that a slasher show can't even kill off the majority of it's main cast while it has the chance to. What a mess.
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