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Scream : The TV Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by superglowy, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. All of the fan comments to this on their Facebook are negative, saying they want the original story to conclude with the original characters.

    I wish that would happen too. I've enjoyed everything in the series so far.
  2. Not to mention a little bizarre. Queen Latifah? For "Scream"?
  3. I'm gonna miss Noah.
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  4. Uno


    You and you alone will. He was awful.

    The original storyline was stale as HELL. I'm very glad they're doing a reboot, even though I will miss Brooke.

    The Queen Latifa production team will probably mean it'll (try to) be more funny right?
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  5. Happy about the reboot. The acting and characters were terrible. I watched it as a fan of the movies but there was never enough punch that the movies had.
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  6. Queen Latifah and Scream? What a mismatch though. Let's hope they don't turn it into a comedy horror. The horror should always come first.
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  7. Me too!
  8. I can't even imagine what the end result will be....
  9. They should have just cancelled it.
  10. It sucks even more cos they had the Halloween episodes to wrap it up with that cast if they'd have known that they wanted to reboot it. I wish it were just on Netflix as MTV just keep fucking it up.
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  11. Bizarre choice to be sure, but no weirder than plenty of movie franchises did in the 80s and 90s.

    I do think they've worn out those characters and the actors were starting to look bored of going through the motions. "Another mystery killer after us? Yawn." But I don't see how starting over with a whole new bunch of characters will change the cut and dried formula of 90% teen melodrama / 10% horror.
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  12. I've just finished watching the first two seasons on Netflix. I enjoyed it a lot. I was a bit worried when Bella Thorne appeared on screen in the opening of the first episode (I can't stand her) but thankfully she didn't hang around long. As much as I would like the original cast to come back for season three, the show needs to move on. However, I'm surprised at Queen Latifah's involvement.
  13. I'm happy it's not been cancelled but as mentioned here they could have used the two part Halloween special to wrap up the last story.
  14. Especially considering that was basically a completely unrelated story.
  15. I read episode reviews and other means to describe episodes and I was bored. Bring on the new Season 3.

    Please involve Brooke somehow?!
  16. It'll likely begin with some kind of campfire story / legend discussed by the new kids about the Lakewood teens as a lazy wrap up: "...And after they returned they were all murdered that same night!"
  17. Fixed.
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