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Selena Gomez - Assorted Ok Songs

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. So its going to be a carcrash? We been knew.
  2. I haven't heard an apology yet
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  3. RMK


    .... You might be right

    "dddddd" is right.
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  4. I want her to step out on that stage butt ass naked, no make up, no microphone, no dancers, no props, and just sang.
  5. Poor DJ Marshmello.
  6. Luc


    Assorted Ok Songs

    Is this really the new album title? Amazing!
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  7. Personally I prefer the original title Assorted Selena Songs

    Or just A.S.S. for short
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  8. RMK


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  9. No makeup? That's brave for an instagirl
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  10. I only just saw the AMA promo and I'm in pieces. Whither Bohemian Rhapsody? Beethoven's Fifth Symphony whomst?!
  11. She is so brave.
  12. RMK


    Why did this make me scream?
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  13. See. Let's not do... this. Y'all always gotta ruin the Selena bashing fun with misogyny.


    Apparently Petra was with her recently so people think she's filming whatever visuals will be included in the performance. I mean... I can appreciate the desire to do something deeper, but she kind of just doesn't have the depth ability-wise to have everything focused onto her voice. I'm screaming if rekindling with her two first loves (Justin and Jesus Christ himself) is inspiring her in this spiritual awakening.
  14. Selena bashing is fun?
  15. RJF


  16. Sis, just be grateful the digs are "she sounds awful" and not basically "lol she's fat" like when it comes to someone like Meghan. The "bashing" is about her shortcomings as an artist aka someone meant to have some kind of combination of discernible skills. The bashing in other girls' threads is much... just worse.
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  17. The criticisms of her are valid but I can’t imagine going into an artists thread to “bash” them is worth the time but like... do you, I guess.
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  18. Sometimes words are used in ways that no longer maintain the previous meaning; see: hyperbole, sarcasm.
  19. Selena releases music. She then (on occasion) promotes this music in arenas that commonly showcase pop music. This board discusses, analyzes, critiques, and deconstructs that modern-day happenings in pop. So whenever she chooses to release/promote more music, which she's doing now, that cycle of release-discussion-critique-rinse-repeat begins again. It's really...that simple. You can like Selena and be enamored by whatever it is that she offers, but you simultaneously don't hold the power to mute the conversation when it doesn't go how you'd it like.
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  20. RMK