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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Terminus, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Okay this is actually more balanced than I thought. But here for a 25 onslaught. I am also happily surprised Daniel Merriweather. Male vocals doing well?! In a popjustice rate? You all gave back some faith I lost a long time ago.
  2. Nawt my incredible and through provoking commentary for Why Do You Love Me being ignored! I think I said "reminds me of Fleetwood Mac" which it does and makes it amazing.
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  3. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Take it all went out a little early for me.
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  4. This started already? I've had no notifications!
  5. I've been highest scorer so many times and have had zero notifications, I honestly didn't even know the rate had started!

    Also, WHAT HAVE Y'ALL DONE? The 3 songs quoted deserved so much better!
  6. I think there's some weird rule that if a moderator tags you, you don't get a notification.
  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    No eliminations today m'afraid, I'll return tomorrow though!
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  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Sorry about the wait...

    30. Right As Rain


    Average = 6.63
    Highest Score = 9 x 2 @CorgiCorgiCorgi @LE0Night
    Lowest Score = 3 x 2 @Epic Chocolat @Terminus
    My Score = 8

    This is a bop! Right As Rain is a cute little ditty unfortunately found in the dull patch on her debut. It was the final track written for the record and written by a collection of people (5 in total) and was meant to serve as the 3rd single, but Cold Shoulder was eventually chosen instead (good choice). The song has gone about a bit, being featured in an episode of Ugly Betty as well as in the latest Bridget Jones movie. Cool!

    We'll go to non-dancer @Sprockrooster who says it's 'a bit swingy, but not really activating me to really start dancing,' whilst @GhettoPrincess labels it 'cute and one of the more interesting songs on the debut.' @evilsin also uses the C word, but goes on to decide it's 'nothing special.'

    29. Water And A Flame (feat. Daniel Merriweather)


    Average = 6.65
    Highest Score = 10 x 2 @HarryEzra @HollyDunnSomething
    Lowest Score = 3 x 1 @ohnostalgia
    My Score = 7

    It was inevitable really wasn't it? A last extra (bar Skyfall) bows out and our last male vocalist in the rather hunky form of Daniel Merriweather has to pack his bags. I love both of their voices here, they work very well with each other. It featured on Daniel's debut album Love & War and was released as the 4th single from it, but it only managed to peak at #180. There was mild controversy when Queen Celine Dion, in an interview, overlooked that it was written by Merriweather and praised Adele for it instead, after covering the track for her album Love Me Back To Life. Welp!

    We'll start once again with @Sprockrooster for commentary; 'Daniel's debut is definitely worth checking out and 'Red' is that song. Love they both worked together when they werenot big yet, but hate his career completely stalled.' @evilsin discusses 'they sound fine together, the song is just there though.' @tylerc904 makes another discovery though! 'I’ve always loved Daniel’s version so this is a nice little bonus to discover. Don’t see myself using it in the future, but a pleasant listen anyway.'

  9. I had no idea Celine covered. Not sure if I want to hear it.
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  10. Wait... that's the same song? Shocker.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    28. Can't Let Go


    Average = 6.77
    Highest Score = 10 x 2 @Remorque @Terminus
    Lowest Score = 5 x 4 @2014 @evilsin @Reboot @slaybellz
    My Score = 5

    It's getting serious now as 25's last bonus track falls, but only received a lowest score of 5 which is pretty good going for a 28th placed track (don't worry there are plenty more...questionable low scores to come), the lack of really high scores ultimately effects Can't Let Go's final position. Co-written with the ever fabulous Linda Perry, Adele confessed that the song was unlikely to be performed live because it makes her too emotional.

    'So much better than most of the standard edition,' remarks @Sprockrooster but still only rewards it a 7. Fellow low-scorer @evilsin comments '"I gave you heaven on a platter" is a cringeworthy line, okay song overall.' @Epic Chocolat simply labels it 'a ballad I like.'

    Once again a track not allowed on YouTube, so enjoy a bit of Mariah xx

    27. Daydreamer


    Average = 6.83
    Highest Score = 11 x 1 @LE0Night & 10 x 2 @2014 @HollyDunnSomething
    Lowest Score = 1 x 1 @tylerc904
    My Score = 10

    I adore this track, I feel like Adele's voice here is at her best, it's beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. The opening track on 19, it plays an obviously important part in her career. It has quite an...original backstory;

    'It was about a friend of mine, who's still one of my best friends and he was bi. I am so jealous of girls anyway that having to fight with boys as well, I just couldn't do it. But I started falling in love with him around my 18th birthday. He convinced me that it would be fine but that night he kissed one of my best boyfriends and I was like: 'Get lost!''

    'A brilliant start for the album,'
    says @Sprockrooster whilst @evilsin comments 'this is so relaxing. The guitar is kinda melancholic for some reason, almost shed a tear over it. Maybe it's all the weather. We've had really shitty weather here in Moscow lately, you know.' @tylerc904 disagrees, groaning 'God this is so, so boring.'

  12. kal


    Aw nooo Daydreamer is too lovely to go this early.
  13. No ma'am.
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  14. A 1,0 for Daydreamer is nothing short of a nightmare.
  15. I am very rarely the lowest score for anything but I have zero regrets.
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  16. Homophobic.
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  17. Oh no, honey, no. Not Daydreamer going so soon.
  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    3 today!

    26. He Won't Go


    Average = 6.96
    Highest Score = 9.5 x 1 @slaybellz
    Lowest Score = 2 x 1 @LE0Night
    My Score = 6

    Another just above average cut not for 21 in the form of He Won't Go. It's not the worst on the album for me but it's far from the highest highs of the record. Originally titled What Is Love (yas Haddaway), it was produced by Rick Rubin and was the only song from 21 Adele didn't perform in her setlist for her Adele Live tour. Sad!

    'Not a big fan of the chorus, but that middle-8 makes up for a lot,' says @Sprockrooster as @evilsin enjoys it a lot too! 'I love the rhythm in the chorus and the way she sings "if this is ain't love, then what is?"'

    25. Love In The Dark


    Average = 6.98
    Highest Score = 11 x 1 @munro & 10 x 2 @D.F.P. @Touchofmyhand
    Lowest Score = 3 x 1 @LE0Night
    My Score = 5

    Another day of eliminations, another 11 falls! Soz @munro! Love In The Dark is found in the middle of 25 and because of this I feel it's a bit forgotten and just a [email protected] It was written and produced with a man named Sam Dixon, who is Australian and has worked with performers such as Sia and Paloma Faith, and worked on Popjustice classic Bionic by Legend Xtina!

    'A bit middle of the road, but with those vocals lifted above average,' reasons @Sprockrooster, whilst @GhettoPrincess stans a tad bit more 'loved this initially when the album came out but haven’t listened to it much since. Still a great track though.' @evilsin quips, however; 'Boredom In The Dark.' Ouch!

    We close with 11 giver @munro, who says; 'this is absolutely stunning, the chorus is so powerful and the violins behind the piano elevate this so much. I get chills at “I can't stay this time 'cause I don't love you anymore” every single time. A heartbreak ballad with Adele being on the opposite side of the break up isn’t something we get to hear often and oddly powerful.'

    And my theme song as of late now...

    24. Tired


    Average = 7.08
    Highest Score = 10 x 2 @HollyDunnSomething @Sprockrooster
    Lowest Score = 4.5 x 1 @KingBruno
    My Score = 9

    We hit the 7 mark now as 19 loses another bop now - Tired falls out of the competition, leaving just the 4 major singles left from that album in the running! I couldn't really find out much about this song, but I really like it and it's a nice change of pace on the album, and apparently The London Studio Orchestra are featured on it which is pretty cray!

    Top scorer @Sprockrooster admits 'this always wakes me up a bit instead,' whilst @evilsin praises its standout-ness; 'this was so unsual for Adele until the middle 8. I like the beeps.' @Epic Chocolat also enjoys it; 'I like the production.'

  19. Aww, 2 great songs and Love In The Dark fall... sad!
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  20. I love Tired!
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