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She saved the world. A lot: The Ultimate Buffy Episode Rate- WINNER!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. "We can do this the hard way, or... Actually, there's just the hard way."

    "I worship Beelzebub. I do his biddings. Do you see any goats around? No, because I sacrificed them... Prince of Night, I summon you. Come fill me with your black, naughty evil!"

    "The earth is most definitely doomed."

    "When it's dark and I'm all alone and I'm scared or freaked out... I always think, 'What would Buffy do?' You're my hero."

    "Willow's a demon?!"

    Given the renewed interest and the fact that it recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, I'm finally going to host an episode rate for this amazing show. Looking at other episode rates on the internet, I can't find a single one that's done it justice the way you guys could- the way some of you have spoken about characters and individual episodes has really helped me remember what an iconic, well-written show it truly was.
    So here's how it's going to roll:
    You all have until Saturday, 29th April to submit your nominations for the top 25 episodes of all time - these are personal favourites, guys, not ones that critics loved, or ones that had the highest viewing figures.
    From these nominations, I'll create a rate of the top 40 episodes, based on the 40 most popular, i.e. how many times they were nominated.
    You'll then have a further 4 weeks to give each of the 40 episodes a score out of 10, with your personal favourite Buffy episode getting an 11.

    Commentary is of course welcome, as I'll be submitting plenty of it myself.
    For two-parters like Becoming, Surprise and Innocence, Graduation Day etc, you will need to be decisive and choose individual episodes.

    A huge thanks to @DJHazey for his ideas!

    Looking forward to your nominations, guys- you've got just over 3 weeks. Opening text.JPG

    Top 46:
    Welcome to the Hellmouth
    Prophecy Girl

    School Hard
    What's My Line, Part 2
    Becoming Part 1
    Becoming Part 2

    Band Candy
    The Wish
    Bad Girls
    The Prom
    Graduation Day Part 1
    Graduation Day Part 2

    Living Conditions
    Fear, Itself
    Something Blue
    This Year's Girl
    Who Are You?

    No Place Like Home
    Fool For Love
    The Body
    The Gift

    Life Serial
    Once More, With Feeling
    Tabula Rasa
    Older and Far Away
    Normal Again
    Seeing Red
    Two to Go

    Conversations with Dead People

    Scores to be in by the 28th May!
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  2. Perfect Title. Perfect Show. Perfect Rate.

    I'm ready.

    @GhettoPrincess -- It's here!
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  3. YEEEEEEEESSS. This is gonna be amazing.
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  4. Of course with this show there are countless episodes that deserve legendary status, but there are legitimately a handful that could easily battle for the win here. I'm interested to see how many end up with a 9+ average.
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  5. For Your Consideration. "Checkpoint"

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  6. Knew you'd love it. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve too- using the top 40 rate, I'm also going to provide a breakdown of the most popular writer and most popular season, among other things...
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  7. Excellent. The more stats/charts the better, as always.
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  8. The best start to any episode, ever...

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  9. Don't forget the comedy
    Format shaking episodes.JPG

    The tear-jerkers
    Iconic episodes.JPG

    And the truly sublime episodes...

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  11. Everyone, tag away- I'll start on that later.
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  13. All amazing, except I can't even begin to think about setting apart the two parters. Especially Becoming 1+2 and Graduation Day 1+2. Suprise/Innocence is a bit easier, and I understand its so they don't run away with it as the vote will be split allowing for other episodes to maybe get ahead, but, I just can't think how it can be done.
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  14. I know, that's why I asked for so many nominations. I'd count them as one vote but each episode within a two-parter always has something amazing that sets it apart on its own merit.

    You bitches better show Season 2 some love- it doesn't get the credit it deserves around these parts!
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  15. [​IMG]

    Right, all other plans dropped. I'll be working on this now...
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  16. Hahaha!! Great use of that gif, love it!!
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  17. Come through I Robot, You Jane!

  18. "Cibo Matto can clog dance!"

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  19. Already had someone's 25 nominations! Some great choices and a couple of curveballs, too!
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  20. This is going to tough as hell and probably the most effort I put into anything all month.
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