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She saved the world. A lot: The Ultimate Buffy Episode Rate- WINNER!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Someone should've just killed Faith to test it out teebs.
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  2. Yeah, I think they did muddy the waters a little by conflating Buffy's (loose) understanding of the Slayer line with her (strong) feelings that Faith isn't really a real slayer. It was always pretty clear that the line ran through Kendra and Faith, but she kept talking as if it wasn't in Season 7.

    It makes sense that Buffy as a character wouldn't really get this, and that she'd be happy to frame the issue as "If I die, one of you is next" to get the Potentials to take things seriously, but it would have been nice to have Giles take her aside early on and acknowledge that this is wrong. It could have been a moment to remind the audience Faith exists, prep us for her return, and also give Buffy another "BEING A LEADER IS HARD AND I MAKE HARD CHOICES AND LIE AND STUFF" moment that she was so fond of in S7.

    If they'd done that, the whole Beljoxa's eye revelation that the Slayer Line is broken would have been a bigger deal, and it would have all fit together nicely. It would have made more sense why Willow knows they can use it to split the line to all the potentials too - cause they would have made clear she did it once before.

    But no. It was more important that we got another scene of potentials training in their pyjamas, I guess?
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  3. There was an interview with Marti Noxon (Executive Producer) a few years after the series ended where they asked her why Buffy's resurrection apparently made a weakness in the Slayer line and her answer... reflects the slightly muddled storyline we got on-screen:

  4. I do love Marti's candour! I can totally imagine that they did have it all planned out and clear. Then Joss would fly in for 10 minutes between meetings about Firefly and Angel, issue some Word of God on the matter, and confuse everything again.

    I don't mind, because it does all make sense. It's just that the presentation is so confused that you can only really piece it together afterwards, meaning the big plot beats don't really land too solidly while you're watching.
  5. BTG


    While I would never ever want to lose the show we got, you do have to sometimes wonder what Buffy would've been like had it aired a decade later when serialised storytelling was all the rage. It really was smack in that period of US TV right between shows like The X Files relying on standalones with 1-2 mythology episodes per season and pre-LOST where the show thrived (and some would say died) on its mythology.
  6. My theory is that when Buffy was ressurected, not only was she still a slayer but she was put back into the slayer line as a potential, but as Buffy had already 'popped her cherry' when she caused Kendra to be activated, Buffys death wouldn't activate a new slayer, so while this wouldn't be an issue for the slayer line when there are a number of potential to divert around Buffy for, if the first kills all the potentials and Faith before new potential can be born, Buffy would be the only option to run through as the only remaining 'potential', but as Buffy has lost her ability to activate a new slayer, even if new potentials are born, it is moot as Buffys death can't activate them, hence the end of the Slayer line.
  7. I suppose a significant part of the show's legacy was its ability to pioneer the unique combination of monster-of-the-week episodes and season long arcs. It really lay the groundwork for the decade of TV which followed which dared to gamble on its audience's intelligence and loyalty to make more heavily serialised television.

    I think had it began in 2007 instead of 1997, Buffy would have more or less taken the same format as the monster of the week episodes were all an essential vehicle for Joss to explore various metaphors about growing up. It's also worth remembering that they had minimal network interference when making Buffy, so the format was pretty much whatever Joss wanted.

    Angel was a different story, and so when Season 4 essentially became one story told over 22 episodes, the WB panicked and made a return to weekly stand-alones a condition for renewal. I suppose a 22 episode arc is ambitious, and all the heavily serialised shows now have 10-12 episode orders where this is far more manageable to retain audience interest.
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  8. The commentary for Chosen is certainly going to be interesting! (If it makes the top 40...)
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  9. Big ask, but I really hope Selfless can sneak into the top 40. It's the second best episode of season 7 after the finale and I always thought it stood out a lot more than the slightly overrated Conversations with Dead People.
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  10. One of these facts is currently true:

    1). Selfless will likely make the top 40.

    2). Killer In Me is the third most popular season 7 episode in the nominations so far.

    3). Prophecy Girl and Graduation Day Part 2 are the most popular season finales in the nominations.
  11. A New Man needs to make the top 40. That scene where demon Giles gets out the car and chases Professor Walsh has me cackling every time.
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  12. I've sent mine. Its partially skewed to the first 4 seasons, as I know these like the back of my hand and I'm currently only half way though my total rewatch at season 5. Believe it or not I've only seen most of these episodes onwards once during a hazy few collage years. So feel free to leave out any nominations you think might throw off the balance, but I wanted to be involved and intend to rewatch all the nominated episodes when they are announced.

    I did feel a lot of mine were obvious episodes, I have to say...though I think I threw in a couple of curveballs others won't be so keen on...but really, the 'season high' episodes are so ahead that it felt wrong to not include them just because everyone else probably is nominating them too.
    Anyway, some thoughts.

    Season 1 - 3
    Season 2 - 5
    Season 3 - 6
    Season 4 - 2
    Season 5 - 3
    Season 6 - 3
    Season 7 - 3
  13. It's honestly one of my favourite scenes of the whole series!
  14. Hoping this is the true one because yas but The Gift is probably ahead of at least one of them.
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  15. I love The Gift, though I do have issues with it. People, by and large, tend to find fault with Chosen- how a convenient weapon is suddenly found, how a seemingly invincible foe is suddenly easy to fight, yet these are all gripes I have with The Gift.
  16. I'd say some of your choices are fairly left-field. You're the only person so far to nominate the 12th episode in your list.

    Edit- and the last episode!
  17. Mess. The Gift and Becoming Part 2 are both better. (So is Restless tbh)
  18. I knew what the 12th episode was going to be before I looked it up. I'm worried the last episode I've listed is not the one I think it is...Lemme go back and check and I'll get back to you.
  19. Oh no I think it is right. It might not be the best episode of that season, but its the one that has stuck with me for several scenes.
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  20. Oh I think it's a great little episode!