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She saved the world. A lot: The Ultimate Buffy Episode Rate- WINNER!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Since Anya's popularity, I think 'Selfless' will likely be top 40.
  2. I hope so.
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  3. It would be deserved!
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  4. Of course such a Anya-centric episode made my list, don't you worry.

    I wanted to mention my favorite parts, but I hope it makes the 40 because I will have them in my commentary.
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  5. "Hit him with meat and various fruits!!"
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  6. It's actually "hit them with fruit and various meats", but yeah I love that line.

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  7. My fave underrated Buffy episode is "Spiral." I mean, the fight on top of the Winnebago alone...
  8. 'Selfless' really is a highlight, especially compared to the rest of season 7:

    - No potentials yet.
    - Interesting and entertaining flashbacks.
    - That sad/wistful musical number (which is then cut right off with Anya's seemingly dead body).
    - Anya vs Buffy was quite emotional and painful.
    - I genuinely thought this would be the end of Anya (but she makes a triumphant return in 'Him').

    Love this one as well! One of the few episodes not set in Sunnydale. You just feel the constant dread of Glory and how hopeless the situation really is. Everyone's on the brink of desperation. Then, at the end Buffy just comletely gives up. And some bunch of varied people on a roadtrip always works for me. I think it's (possibly) a better episode than 'The Gift'.
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  9. I think I literally screamed when Buffy impaled Anya in Selfless. Like a proper, gut-wrenching, blood-curdling, full-force scream. I'm pretty sure I made @kalonite pause the show for a solid five minutes to compose myself before we could continue.

    After Tara's death, that was probably the single moment in the series that had me the most shook.
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  10. This still has me shook. That beautiful musical moment (which we probably weren't expecting after having a musical episode) into that shot of Anya laying there with a knife in her body.... the cut into it is so brutal but amazing.
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  11. Yeah, it could've really been the end for Anya and even after she revived and Xander and her say goodbye, it all felt so definitive.

    Maybe it should've been the last episode with Anya in it? Instead of already robbing a bank in the next episode and living in the house of the person who stabbed her. And she wouldn't have died (for real).
  12. ANYA: Forgotten how much swords through the chest hurt.
    You know better than that, Buffy. It takes a lot more to kill a vengeance demon.

    BUFFY: Oh, I'm just getting started.

    A temporary moment of "Oh yeah she's a vengeance demon that very well could of been non-fatal", while breathing a sigh of relief.

    *Xander knocks Buffy off Anya*

    ANYA: Stop trying to save me Xander!
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. One of the few amazing moments where Season 7 shows just how good it could have been!

    The fight for me is particularly brutal as, up until that point, I could never really make sense of Buffy and Anya's relationship- I always felt Buffy was pretty apathetic or possibly even contemptuous when it came to Anya.
  15. Spiral is another great episode- to be honest, from The Body onwards, Season 5 is a pretty stellar run of episodes (even Weight of the World, which seems pretty divisive).
    -Buffy's 'aim for the horsies'
    -The tender moment between Giles and her
    -Spike showing some compassion towards Willow and Tara
    -"Hey, its Gregor!
    Now it's not..."
    -Anya racing to save Dawn, which could easily have resulted in her death.
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  16. Pm me a week before please.
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  17. I still don't get Buffys attitude in 'Selfless' at all. Her wanting to kill Anya made no sense to me. I originally thought it was the start of a plot where her 'slayerness' was going to start taking over and become this overdominating entity to itself, but no, Buffy just decides to kill Anya despite the fact she has been shagging a known killer for the past year and doesn't seem to fussed when she finds out Spike has been murdering people too and could probably just convince Anya to stop being a vengeance demon. Seems like it went from 0 to 100 for no logical reason.
  18. Xander points that out himself in the episode, doesn't he? I mean, I get it. With Spike Buffy feels differently - her rational in the final season over and over is 'but he has a SOUL now!' and she even goes as far as to have his chip removed. She doesn't think logically when it comes to Spike. Then suddenly a frat full of guys is dead, and Buffy's job is to kill whatever supernatural entity was behind it - I did find it a bit hard to swallow at first that she'd so quickly turn on Anya, but it's not like they were ever particularly close. I do also think that you were right to an extent about Buffy's hardness / 'slayerness' kicking in more. Except, of course, with Spike. But she made it clear in S7 that she'd kill whoever she had too to save the world.
  19. It may be the only time I've liked Xander and totally supported him.

    I also love the 'kick his ass' secret from season 2 being brought up in this episode.
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  20. One of Xander's worst moments. What with that, Dead Man's Party and Revelations, I'd happily see Xander die a very slow and painful death.

    Even though I HATE Empty Places and just cannot see the sense in what Dawn does, I do agree a lot with Anya and feel it's one of the natural moments in that episode.