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She saved the world. A lot: The Ultimate Buffy Episode Rate- WINNER!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Hahaha!!
    @GhettoPrincess I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this Hun but if @AstronautMikeDexter had been a little more generous, it probably could have made the top 5. There's little difference at this point.
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  2. "She came from the grave much graver" I am stunned, I thought this could win it! It's perfect.
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  3. Where's my stake when I need it?
  4. Finally something goes right for me in this rate! Although if I had my way this episode wouldn't have even been included or even created.

    I gave good reasons, very solid reasons, but my commentary didn't get included.
  5. I'd be quite interested to hear your commentary.
  6. Giving it a 1 and a 2?!?!?!?!?!???? Are those mistakes? Like seriously WTF!

  7. You when someone tries to give any kind of explanation.


    After they turn their locations on.

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  8. Sorry, that was a genuine mistake! I've got you commentary, will add it when I get back home.
  9. Added it- I must have blocked it out mentally when you actually said you'd rather dance to the Femme Fatale tour! Crushing critique indeed!
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  10. Whoever gave below a 7 should have their scores revoked and be banned.
  11. Oh no worries at all! I'm glad people got to react to my score before they could react to my commentary because now it means that I got to crush people twice.
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  12. Darla sums up my feelings.

  13. I'm shocked! I thought that would be top two at least.

    A song.
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  14. Actually shocked that Once More, With Feeling dropped. I thought it would've made Top 3 since it's so acclaimed but there are a few valid criticisms about the episode. Either you love it or hate it.
  15. Either you love it or you're wrong.
  16. What are the valid criticisms though?
    To tie a musical episode seamlessly into the plot and ADVANCE story lines due to its presence is incredible. It is OBJECTIVELY above a 7 regardless if you like the music.
    I'd understand docking a point for Willow's awful voice.
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  17. I never expected Popjustice of all places to criticise a musical episode. Shocked.
  18. I'd say that the "gimmick" criticisms are valid since it essentially is, but Buffy pushed boundaries of sound before with all of Hush and The Body having nothing but natural ambiance to heighten the mood. There was no reason to make a musical episode of Buffy other than to say that they made a musical episode of Buffy, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was woven into the story and advanced it perfectly, and thought the soundtrack delivered. I can just see why some people would have issue with it.

    Edit: Oh, I just looked at the scores. There's no reason for a 2 and a 1.
  19. Honestly one of the most shocking results I have ever seen in any Popjustice rate and I've probably participated in over a hundred by now.

    This x 1,000,000.
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  20. How has Once More With Feeling not aged well??????? It's the episode with most replay value. Anya and Xander's number is perfect. Everything is amazing. Yall don't deserve buffy.
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