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Shows that were largely forgotten but are still great

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by StraightActing19, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. I adored Nine Lives of Chloe King, and the finale with the epic "everyone's dieing or dead, and Chloe's going to wake up losing another life AND her boyfriend" was amazing. Shame Skyler Samuels got given the dud character in "Scream Queens"

    Life Unexpected - as a Shiri Appleby stan, I had to watch this. I'm torn between whether this or the Secret Circle is the best thing Britt Robertson's been in.
  2. Oops. I knew I should've mentioned I didn't finish watching any of those shows minus Lincoln Heights. Ha, that's okay though. The ending sounds intense! I need to finish.

    I've never watched The Secret Circle, since it's easier to go into "Contemporary" shows than something that involves magic or secrets because I want closure.
  3. Secret Circle was a hit waiting to happen, they needed to loosen up the strings a little, it was too serious for its own good.

    The Secret Life of Us - another one I adored. It did run out of steam but was amazing when it first hit.
  4. Secret Circle probably would've been great if it had found itself quicker, a 2nd series would've helped with that but I can see why it only lasted for one series.

    My So-Called Life only lasting one series is so wrong, it's brilliant.
  5. I don't think anyone on here knows of the show but the Canadian show Being Erica is pretty good. It's a little cheesy at times but for original Canadian content, it was pretty good and rather emotional at times. It's one I watch every year or so,
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  6. I never watched it, but VH1's Hindsight from 2015 which was renewed then cancelled was directly inspired by it. I might watch it one day if I miss Hindsight (gone too soon) enough.
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  7. I've never heard of the show but I"ll have to check it out! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. If you give Being Erica a shot, let me know what you think.
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  8. They showed it on E4 in the UK. I have season 1 on DVD.
    I was *heartbroken* to discover there's a final season that never got aired in the UK.
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  9. I watched that for the first time earlier this year, being a lover of all things witchy. I quite enjoyed it, overall, but I feel like it's one of those shows that would've been much better executed in the late 90s/early 00s on The WB. They just can't seem to get that paranormal-teen-drama formula right these days.

    Can I nominate "Cybill" as a forgotten gem? It was popular and acclaimed, but over time it seems to have fallen out of people's memories somewhat - and syndication. Christine Baranski's Maryann was the true star of that show. I'm sure Cybill must absolutely loathe her.
  10. Just bringing up a popular one as it does not get discussed much anymore but Frasier was excellent and so much better than Cheers, which it spun from! The characters and some jokes are still so timeless :)
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  11. The Secret Circle got off to a good start but about half way through, it got bogged down in too much teen drama rubbish.
  12. Cybill was amazing. I also loved the Drew Carey Show, the dynamics between Drew and Mimi was amazing and reminds me of Karen and Grace from Will & Grace.
  13. Party of Five ... It's turned up on Netflix but there's over 140 episodes or something so it will be a long watch (I did manage 5 in a row though) …
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  14. Has Popular been mentioned? Mary Cherry is the proto giving the gays everything they want.

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  15. Like every other Ryan Murphy show, Popular couldn't decide what it wanted to be - hard hitting teen drama or comedy. Didn't one guy have leukaemia one week and was then cured the next?
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  16. I actually thought the second half was better as it focused less on the insufferable Cassie/Adam written in the stars crap and him being a creeper towards Cassie. The second half also focused more on the ensemble and not just Cassie featuring the others.

    I think it deserved at the very least a 13 episode second season order but apparently the CW president gave his reasoning on its cancellation as not having enough good looking guys. Says it all really.
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  17. Literally every CW show
  18. Has Brothers and Sisters been mentioned here yet? Kevin and Scotty were probably the first fictional gay relationship I remember following while growing up and because of that the show has a special place in my heart.
  19. Delta Burke as Cherry Cherry is legitimately Iconic!!!
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  20. This amazing show which I recently re watched in full (and its sequel Tomorrows End) is so underrated. I watched it originally as a child and never forgot it. Always wanted a transducer.

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