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Shows that were largely forgotten but are still great

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by StraightActing19, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. I was coming here to post the exact same thing.

    As much as they exhausted a lot of storylines, the cast were so good. I loved Holly and Nora together by the end.
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  2. I was shocked to learn that Matthew Rhys is actually Welsh!

    Be right back, melting while hearing his accent.
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  3. Alias, The Lying Game, Daria, Hit The Floor, My Mad Fat Diary, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Being human US, United States Of Tara, GCB, Scrubs, Jamie's Private School Girl/Summer Heights High, Faking It, Dirty Sexy Money, Tru Calling, Dollhouse, Veronica Mars, Ugly Betty.
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  4. "The Lying Game" was so good. I cheered when Alexandra Chando got a small part in the last series of The Vampire Diaries.
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  5. The Lying Game should still be on TV and Alexandra Chando should have the life Nina Dobrev leads.
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  6. Hindsight from VH1 a few years ago. It's Being Erica/Peggy Sue but with 90's nostalgia, but I'm still bitter that they cancelled it after renewing it. There were too many relationships to actually think it would age better than Velveeta cheese, but that cliffhanger was amazing. The showrunner is really nice in one of the Facebook groups.
  7. Once and Again. From the creators of My So-Called Life. Also on ABC but actually had a longer life than MSCL (three years). Sela Ward and Billy Campbell and the rest of the cast were excellent but Evan Rachel Wood was just incredible.

    The scene where she and a pre-OC Mischa Barton express their feelings to each other remains utterly moving.
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  8. O
    Ooh, that's good to hear. I never wanted to check it out because it sounded too sitcomy for me but now I'll add it to my list.
  9. Dead Like Me
    Kyle XY
    Freaks & Geeks (no one seems to talk about it in the UK)
    The Secret Life of Us
    Beautiful People
    Jack and Bobby
    The Hour
  10. Please welcome to the stage, the show that made me accept I was gay.
  11. I remember being a 20-something student when The Secret Life of Us was shown in the UK for the first time. That summer, Big Brother was unleashed upon the public - all the teenagers I was working with that summer were addicted, while all my fellow 20-somethings wished they lived in Australia and had careers like the guys on The Secret Life of Us.