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Sigrid - Debut Album (Sound Of 2018 Winner)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 11, 2017.

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    Don't Kill My Vibe really was pushed, all it needs is an X Factor hopeful to sing it and it'll storm the charts I bet.
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    Oh and Plot Twist, song and video, are exceptional.
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  3. Plot Twist is my song of the year.She looks so sweet and fierce in its video and I can't believe she invented squatting too.
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  5. Get Low was an utter bop and Stay wasn't bad at all, and I've been missing Sigrid's voice. I'm ready.
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    Zedd always has a habit of bringing out bangers, and I'm sure this won't be an exception.
  7. Hopefully the Zedd track ignites some kind of interest in her. Plot Twist is doing precisely nothing (was in the 500s on iTunes last time I checked) despite being playlisted on Radio 1. Fair play, her team are going full force with the hype but for whatever reason she just doesn't seem to be connecting with the public.
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  8. Ready for bops that will never be released!
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  9. RJF


    She's touring the UK in March apparently.
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  10. The remixes of 'Don't Kill My Vibe' are SO good.
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  11. How is she not smashing yet? Plot Twist, Don't Kill My Vibe and Fake Friends are all massive.

    Talent helping out talent.
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  13. Possibly got carried away and have already bought tickets for her London show in March. Watch her come out with new music before then and I hate it.
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  14. Had no idea Tellef was her brother. Loved one of his tracks.
  15. Her new single "Strangers" is out on Friday! It's the lead single from the album.

  16. She's so adorable.
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  17. Single cover:

    edit: and a snippet:

    Here's a live performance too:

    It sounds a bit DJ-pop inflected. i.e. something UK radio would eat up with the proper promo.
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