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Sigrid - Debut Album (Sound Of 2018 Winner)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Queen of middle 8s, really.

    A few other new Sigrid(-featured) songs have recently been released too (not really bops though):

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  2. I stan you stanning this, even though I don't stan this myself.
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  3. Her spotify playlist is just as awesome as her songs are. Queen of good taste and life affirming bops. And squads too.
  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I'm stealing this x
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  5. I like Strangers but I still can't exactly start stanning yet. I do like her, though.
  6. How good is Strangers!
  7. At least 11/10 good.
  8. Why isn't she in the main forum. Pop injustice right there.
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  9. I can't at this when Vigrid is a Norwegian neo-Nazi party.
  10. I finally listened to her a few days ago and I have been lowkey addicted ever since. She's a very loveable person , too. My favorite part of her videos is when she starts acting goofy. There's also that raspy aspect of her voice which works incredibly well with her music's sound.
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  11. I saw Justice League yesterday and wondered who was singing that sad but cute opening song.

    Oh, hi Strangers.
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  13. Strangers has really grown on me.

    The motif of the "(Not) like in the movies" is soooooo good.
    When it returns right when the song is about to explode everything just falls into place.
    It's so well crafted.
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  15. Can we just change the thread title to 'Queen of everything' at this point.
  16. Decent video but did they really have to break the 4th wall like that? I hate it when pop videos do that. Song still bops.
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    AMAZING video. She's so exciting.
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  18. She really deserves to breakthrough and be fucking everywhere!
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  19. RMK


    I've been seeing her name on Apple Music and avoiding her for some odd reason but today I gave in. She's actually great. Don't Kill My Vibe shouldn't be slept on at all. Every one of her songs is a triumph, and she definitely has her own lane; it all feels extremely unique.

    I'd hate to say something like this, because it is really sad she hasn't broken through but she really gives me the same vibe of Tove Lo and Lorde. Both of them released their EPs and months later exploded into the mainstream.
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