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Sigrid - Queen Of Middle 8s

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Both songs are pretty amazing. I need an EP.
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  3. I've had Plot Twist on repeat all day, what a stormer of a song! Neither songs are particularly original nor groundbreaking but she just sells the shit out of them both with her vocals and attitude. So much potential, can't wait for the EP.
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  4. I rarely venture into this part of the forum because I just don't have the patience to dive into too many new artists, but I love Plot Twist. Had it on repeat at the gym. Don't Kill My Vibe never stuck for me...
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  5. Looks like we might be getting something tomorrow. Possibly a song called 'Dynamite'.
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  6. Looking forward to hearing more from her. There's a little edge to her voice that makes her stand out and she seems charismatic.
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  7. Keeping the aesthetic going (@Island)

    And she is the absolute sweetest.

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  8. She really is the most promising act in a while, no? I adore her.
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  9. Yeah, I'm really here for her. Don't Kill My Vibe is a smash. Plot Twist is good, too. Wish it was a bit tidier (production seems a little much, "shots fired!" feels unnecessary to me) but the chorus is infectious.

    Dynamite (Acoustic) is giving me all the Lorde/Liability vibes in the best way. Excited to hear more from her!
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  10. The bridge in "Plot Twist" kills me every time.

    Better work, and you wanna be, better work on that
    Better work on that hype, bro, and you wanna be, oh
    Better work, better work on that
    Better work on that hype, bro, yeah, you still wanna be
    Better work, better work on that
    Better work on that hype, bro
    And now you want me!
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  11. Plot Twist is very powerful, especially with that chorus. I personally love the, "SHOTS FIYAHED!".
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  12. Plot Twist is amazing. She's amazing. And I love her singles artworks.
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  13. The art direction is AMAZING. I love me some artwork consistency, the faux stickers are such a nice touch.
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  14. I think the EP is out now in some markets
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  15. Having an Adele moment.
  16. Yes!


    01. Don't Kill My Vibe
    02. Plot Twist
    03. Fake Friends
    04. Dynamite (Acoustic)

    Too bad we're not getting the (upbeat?) studio version of "Dynamite" yet.

    Can't wait to hear "Fake Friends" tomorrow.
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  17. I hope she makes artwork for Fake Friends.
  18. Fake Friends is great! I was disappointed we didn't get the "proper" studio version of Dynamite, but I guess they're saving it for a future big single. It sounds like it could be massive.
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  19. "Fake Friends" is amazing. Gosh she's absolutely brilliant.
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  20. RJF


    Three for three on brilliant pop songs for me.
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