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Sigrid - Queen Of Middle 8s

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Banger alert.

    God, she's SO good at middle eights.
  2. Can’t wait to listen to this once it’s out in Canada tonight! She’s 4 for 4 this year so my expectations are pretty high.
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  3. She's the most adorable thing.



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  4. This is a banger.

    Good luck releasing that album you speak of though.
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  5. Strangers is fantastic.
  6. Continuing the trend of any song named 'Strangers' being fanfuckingtastic.
  7. All wigs simultaneously enter interplanetary orbit at the finale where the middle eight and chorus interlock.
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  8. That amazing middle 8-part >>> the rest of the song. But still great work.

    She's kind of a good Robyn substitute actually dd
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  9. Queen of releasing 5 songs to her name and all of them being bops.
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  10. I'm shook.
  11. Thought this would be one of the songs she did with Patrik Berger but apparently it’s not? Those synths though... Banger.
  12. 'Strangers' is a total banger. The ending with the spoken/rappy bit underneath those amazing synths - perfection. Surely she deserves to be moved to the main Pop & Justice section by now?!
  13. It sounds so f good, I need this album
  14. She knows, she’s got that magic formula for pop brilliance.
  15. Have Mercy Sigrid! STRANGERS IS BEYOND AMAZING!!!!
  16. RJF


  17. GOODBYE.
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  18. Are you proud?
  19. Praise Sigrid.
  20. Jesus, she's fucking unreal. I hope her and LEON break through in 2018.

    Can this go into Pop & Justice?