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☆★ Sistar Discography Rate ★☆ | SOYOU CLASS ♡

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. I'm excited to do this! I know a number of their hits, and always liked them as pop stars, but never really followed them beyond the hits.
  2. Keep our head up cos we're mighty Sistar,
    You just blew your chance,
    I'm sorry, sorry mister!
    Head up to the sky,
    cos we mighty Sistar,
    [Some Korean words]
    Sistar, Sistar, we are mighty Sistar!


    My favorite basic bop How Dare You for the win.
  3. @SloMover PD-nim, if you have the time please do a mini rate of all of Sistar's album intros 'cause they are iconic in their own way.

    From the totally incredible:

    To the over the top and campy:

    To the downright hilarious:

    "Yeah, everybody knows my name
    B to the O to the R to the A
    Look at ma jewels and diamond rings
    (So bling, bling) Yeah, I know ya luv dat
    Hotter than da sun, Brighter than da star"

  4. I got around to doing this and here's my scores based on some groupings:

    2010-2011 Era (13 Songs):
    Average - 5.461 / Highest Score - 10x1 / Lowest Score - 2x1

    2012-2013 Era (18 Songs):
    Average - 6.361 / Highest Score - 10x2 / Lowest Score - 3x1

    2014-2015 Era (12 Songs):
    Average - 7.416 / Highest Score - 10x3 / Lowest Score - 4x2

    2016-2017 Era (9 Songs):
    Average - 7.388 / Highest Score - 11x1 + 10x1 / Lowest Score - 5x2
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  5. Alright, you have until the 31st of July to get your votes in. Don't let me down or I'll let Dasom and her high school friends on you all.
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  6. My stats:

    2010-2011 Era : 5.5 ( 9 x 1 , 3 x 1 )
    2012-2013 Era : 6.33 ( 10 x 2 , 4 x 1)
    2014 - 2015 Era : 6.29 ( 10 x 1 , 5 x 5)
    2016 - 2017 : 7.38 ( 11 x 1 + 10 x 1 , 4.5 x 1)

    @Sanctuary (ignore the third era) :

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  7. He


    I might participate!
  8. The deadline is my birthday... I want all you KPJ sissies to convene and bop.

  9. I want to participate... But I'm also two months behind on video making ... I'll make time ... Eventually.
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  10. Someone spam me through here or social media or something when the deadline is closer. Life is... crazy at the moment.
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  11. @Reboot @ThighHighs will you be the villians of this rate (aka what Miss A were to Sistar in 2010)?
  12. I'm free from now to Wednesday so i'll make this a priority. Excited to see if Hyolyn relinquishes her hold on the line distribution majority for any of the songs.
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  13. I'll do it this week. I've been replaying Alone a lot so it's got me in a Sistar mood.
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  14. I can't guarantee any commentary but I am going to TRY to get this done.
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  16. I may also struggle...
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  18. OF COURSE.

    I always send in commentary for the K-Pop rates, sweatie! xoxo
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