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☆★ Sistar Discography Rate ★☆ | WINNER REVEALED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Soyou class starts off with a three-way tie

    Break it down, take it slow
    I know what you're looking for

    Hey You (2013)


    Average Score: 6.68
    Highest Score: 9 @Squashua
    Lowest Score: 5 @ryan_riot92, @GeiPanda, @Deja-Boo
    My score: 5.5

    Give It To Me is a slog of an album to get through, littered with bland mid-tempos and cheesy ballads - however in an interesting turn of events, the album closes with three uptempos, seemingly to balance out the album. Not saying that the uptempos are good, they're probably just as bland as the slower tracks, but at least they give us something to bop to and a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Hey You is one of the final three tracks of the album. It starts off with a bubbly and bouncy drum and synth beat that is accompanied by cringey opening chant of "break it down, take it slow, I know what you're waiting for", which then launches into a rap by Hyolyn. It's not her finest hour, but you can't win them all.


    The bright and uplifting chorus is the highlight of the track - Soyou and Hyolyn share chorus duty and they both sound amazing. However it's a bit lost in the production as a bit too much is going on.

    Nevertheless, Hey You is a cute distraction to almost make you forget how bad the album is.

    @Slice of Life agreed with the sentiment of Hey You being good, only in context to the rest of the Give It To You album - "Well at least this sounds different. Avril Lavigne cheerleader realness. I'm here for it."

    Apropos to nothing but everytime Avril Lavigne is mentioned in a Kpop context, I'm reminded of this disaster:

    High scorer Squashua loved the track - "YES, pummel me the heck up with that breakneck bouncy tempo ladies. Something about this gives me PS2 racing game on arcade mode realness and I'm actually really here for it."

    However, being uptempo couldn't save the Give It To Me album for all of you. @Vixen doesn't think highly of the track - "I could see people stanning for that one, but just nope for me. Like...it's not TRASH, but it's not really good either."

    And finally, we joint low scorer ryan_riot92 who only had one thing to say about Hey You - "Meh..."
    Harsh but fair.

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  2. Finally...

    Oh, you make me wanna say!

    핑글핑글 (Up and Down) (2013)

    Average Score: 6.68
    Highest Score: 9.5 @Serg.
    Lowest Score: 5 @Alouder98 , @Vixen, @GeiPanda
    My score: 6

    With Up and Down's elimination, we lose all the album tracks from the Give It To Me album.
    Aside from the title track, Up and Down is probably the strongest uptempo on the album which is unfortunate because it's not actually that good. The song isn't without its highlights - Soyou sounds amazing on the verses and Dasom unleashes her inner Thug Misses on her rap verse.

    However the song sounds so dated - it's firmly rooted in the 2012 trends from which it was released as there are Dr Luke influences are all over the track. In fact, I sat here listening to the track on loop trying to figure out what it reminded me of and then it hit me...

    The melodies in both Brokenhearted (written and produced by Dr Luke proteges Benny Blanco and Cirkut) and Up and Down are very similar - the verses are virtually identical. The song structure (bare with me) are also very similar - both songs bounce between sweetly sung verses to raps, then bursts into an uplifting chorus and back again.

    I hated Brokenhearted back in 2012 so now that I've made the connection, let me re-evaluate my stance on Up and Down - it's trash.


    @Squashua also noticed the Dr Luke inspiration and came for Bora's rapping skills (which in all fairness is pretty shambolic on Up and Down) - "Thank you for not finishing the 9 track run with a ballad but did I want a Dr Luke-inspired track either? Meh, it's ok. Bora's rapping ventures into barking territory a couple times and the general delivery is super low energy."

    @ryan_riot92 thought the track was an album highlight, but still had it's flaws - "A redeeming glimmer on this album but this song could have gone so much harder…"

    Low scorer Vixen questioned the lyrics - "'You make it go like a yo-yo'? ... This is not very good, is it?"

    And finally, we have the final blow by @Slice of Life - "Sounds really amateur but also really endearing? A mess."
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  3. Remember when Sistar had a rapper in the form of Bora yet Starship still sent Hyolyn to do Unpretty Rapstar instead.

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  4. I had to take a month off from this because I couldn't bare listening to anymore shit Sistar album tracks. But lets get things back on track!

    Come on my baby baby
    I say yeah yeah!

    Yeah Yeah (2016)

    Average Score: 6.68
    Highest Score: 9 @ryan_riot92
    Lowest Score: 5 @Alouder98, @Sanctuary, @GeiPanda
    My score: 7

    Yeah Yeah almost triggered my PTSD and reminded me why I needed to take a month off from this - the horns in the intro lead you to believe they're about to unleash another trashy party song, but thankfully Hyolyn's vocals roll in and the track takes a slight turn into a something that sounds like one of their Summer singles (which a few of the voters mention in their commentary).

    Not that that is a bad thing because the track is very enjoyable, but it feels like bit stock standard Sistar affair - the song is perky and bubbly with all the right production flourishes, the three vocalists sound lovely, Bora delivers an embarrassing rap verse.

    I enjoy Yeah Yeah and wouldn't skip it if it came on shuffle, but it's really nothing more than a competent album track.


    @Squashua also found the intro a bit worrying - "*starts song* oh god please don't let the whole song be 'Yeah Yeah' on a loop… *2 minutes later* Oh but the yeah-yeah post-chorus is the best part? It's kinda an updated I Swear without being as euphoric."

    Rate villain @Vixen call the track "Basic," adding that "nothing to really grab here, again. It's cute, I guess, but it's very much an albumtrack."​

    However, High Scorer ryan_riot92 loved the song - "YES! This track is fantastic!! It kind of sounds like a mixture of a few of their title tracks which is probably why it’s so good!"​
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  5. Keep the momentum going before it's another month...

    You drive me so crazy
    sesange neo gateun nom eopseoome
    (You drive me so crazy, there's no one like you in this world)

    Go Up (2015)

    Average Score: 6.82
    Highest Score: 9 @Serg.
    Lowest Score: 5 @Alouder98, @ryan_riot92 , @GeiPanda
    My score: 6

    So it seems that there are four archetypes for Sistar album tracks:
    1. Trashy party songs
    2. Late 80s inspired midtempos
    3. Overblown RnB ballads
    4. 2000s Dr Luke synth-pop-rock

    Go Up is on of their stronger attepts at archetype #4 in the fact that it doesn't sound as cheap as their other stabs at his sound.

    Hyolyn and Soyu dominate the track with their vocals bouncing off each other - they really compliment the energy of the instrumentation. Highlight of the song is the chorus, both Hyloyn and Soyu sound great (as per usual). But as usual, Bora serves up another embarassing rap verse. It's a good thing she is so beautiful because she's so useless.

    Taking everything into consideration, Go Up is one of their more enjoyable album tracks.

    @Squashua gave the track one of it's highest scores (8.5) and thought that Go Up was the strongest track on the Shake It EP, but still had some reservations - "Massively conflicted in the fact I'm really enjoying the pop rock vibe, which is so different for Sistar, but also that it, again, sounds like a 2NE1 track (with Bora emulating Spirited Away Unnie in the rap). I'm going to go with this being my favourite from the mini, just."

    However, the reception to the track was far from positive from the rest of the voters. @Vixen calls the track "Meh," adding that it's "just another random albumtrack. I will not use again after today."

    Low scorer ryan_riot92 was a little more harsh on Go Up - "Skip." Ouch.

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  6. ne otgise mudeun ripseutik saenggage
    neoreul jeoldae yongseo mothal geot gata
    (But when I think of the lipstick stain on your shirt, I don't think I can ever forgive you)

    나쁜놈 (Bad Guy) (2015)

    This performance is an absolute scream because for some reason Mad Clown's rap is removed completely, leaving an instrumental gap where the rap should be. Who knows why they didn't just keep his pre-recorded verse in it?!

    Average Score: 6.91
    Highest Score: 9 @Serg. , @Vixen (!!!!!!!)
    Lowest Score: 4 @Sanctuary, @GeiPanda
    My score: 6.5

    Sistar become scorned women in this collaboration with rapper Mad Clown.
    Bad Guy is a brooding ballad about a relationship ending and the emotional pain inflicted upon them by their ex-lover.

    While the subject matter is nothing new for Sistar (neither is a collaboration with a rapper), what makes Bad Guy different is the production - it's darker and moodier than anything before or since. Unlike their other ballads, Bad Guy feels far more fresh and mordern. A personal highlight of the track is Bora's rap (?!?) at the end of the track - she delivers a competently rapped closing verse that I wish was longer.​

    @Squashua also points out that Bad Guy offers something new to Sistar's discography - "I'm not always here for a rap verse but this really adds something darker to proceedings that Sistar rarely ever ventured down. The strings are also lovely, although once again I'm not a massive fan of the chorus."

    @ryan_riot92 notes how the track doesn't quite fit on the Shake It EP - "This is kind of out of place on this album but I still like it quite a bit."

    Rate villain Vixen turned out to one of the biggest supporters of the track - "I think this is actually quite decent. Definitely one of their better midtempos. And that BRIDGE. Plus that nice little high note right after. The song samples another popular song, though, no?"

    Adding to Vixen's last point, Bad Guy was dogged with plagiarism accusations - the chorus melody drawing comparisons to the chorus from JYJ's Junsu/Xia's track Flower (1.30 onwards):
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  7. Just wanted to have a brief intermission as we're now entering the Top 20!
    A handful of album tracks remain, but it's mostly title tracks from here on out.

    Push Push
    Shady Girl
    니까짓게 (How Dare You)
    So Cool
    Ma Boy

    나혼자 (Alone)
    No Mercy
    Lead Me
    Loving U
    있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer)

    나도 여자인데 (A Girl In Love)
    Give It To Me
    Touch My Body
    I Swear
    Shake It

    I Like That
    끈 (String)
    For You
    One More Day

    Let the blood bath begin!​

    That middle-8!!!!

    That high note from Hyorin!

    Ya'll trash.

    ( Also, no, that's not the song I had in mind when I say this sampled something.

    EDIT : Ah someone mentioned it in the comments section of a video. The "love is goooooooooone" is basically the same melody as the 'Russian Roulette' chorus from Rihanna. )
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  9. That’s a great top 20. I can remember almost all the songs!
    Now the real fun begins.
  10. Time for How Dare You to be their last early days track standing or else:
  11. Hopefully the 5.0 I gave it is enough to make it flop.

  12. I have 12 10s remaining (including my iconic 11 that will probably exit soon) so I'm really happy with the results.
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  13. I still have eight songs below 7 mark so it seems like I was a bit harsh overall.

    But I don't feel bad since I know some of you were harsh on my faves as well.

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  14. Hm How Dare You is iconic how dare you.
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  15. Shake It & I Swear to leave, lets go!
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. dorabomyeon jakku saenggagi na
    ige sarangilkka deolkeok geopbuteo na
    (When I turn back, I keep thinking of you, I get scared when I wonder if this is love)

    Lead Me (2012)

    Average Score: 6.95
    Highest Score: 10 @Slice of Life, @Serg.
    Lowest Score: 4 @Sanctuary
    My score: 6

    'Lead Me' is the first to fall in the Top 20 (and is also one of five album tracks within the Top 20).
    Lead Me is a soft and pretty mid-tempo RnB number from the Alone mini-album. The song is about the girls being absolutely head over heels in love with a guy. The girls in the chorus plead for their love interest to return their affection:
    Baby come and lead me
    Take me, just you and me tonight –
    baby pick me ah ah
    Only you complete me,
    my loveable my honey
    Only you can scold me

    I don't know why they're giving permission to anyone to "scold" them but you do you, Sistar.

    The production on the track is lovely, tapping into that mid/late 00s Stargate RnB sound (namely the synthesized harps) which they've explored quite often with their album tracks. The track sounds like it could be by Brave Sound pbut actually comes courtesy of Duble Sidekicks - Lead Me, from what I gather, is the first production from duo who would later become the group's partners in crime.

    The track was performed on music shows, which were very... interesting. The cheesy bar staging (which looks more like a cafe honestly) is a choice but it just gets more strange from there - is Soyou a bartender or a customer? Why is Hyolyn the only person not interacting with the set or other people? Maybe her character is a crazy woman breaking out in to song while everyone is trying to enjoy their beverage?

    All in all, Lead Me proved popular with the voters.
    @ryan_riot92 - "This is a ballad that I can stand behind! It’s got knock-out vocals (as does the majority of SISTAR tracks) and it’s catchy enough to grab your attention and not make you think this is just another one of those basic ballads."

    I can't tell if Slice of Life is being shady or not with the commentary - "One of, if not the, best Sistar b-side. I was so happy when they performed this for a week during their comeback stages. Soyou unnie is serving whispery vocals here. Selena is shqqk. Even Dasom sounds okay here. And that Hyolyn chorus is heavenly."

    Lead Me is not only one of their strongest album tracks, but also one of their most eductional as @Squashua points out - "All these spelling openings are educating me to no end and now there's a counting verse? Let me just drop out of school and enroll in Mighty Sistar Academy. I love how this is a deluxe rnb slow jam but with a gloriously traditional Chinese(?) stringed instrumental lying under the surface at one point. That brief fusion is a pretty touch for sure."

    And finally, you can't blame a rate villain for doing what a rate villain does, @Vixen - "Are they going to name-drop their bandname in EVERY songs, even their downtempo ones? Lmao, I cannot. It's cute, but not for me."
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  18. saranghanda malhalkka
    sirtago hamyeon eojjeoji
    (What if when I say I love you, you said you hate me?)

    SISTAR19 - 나도 여자인데 (A Girl In Love) (2013)

    Average Score: 7.14
    Highest Score: 10 @Slice of Life
    Lowest Score: 4 @Sanctuary
    My score: 7.5

    Another album track down! This elimination also marks the first elimination for the Sistar19 sub-unit.

    Another breezy RnB midtempo, A Girl In Love sort of sounds like a lost Jenifer Lopez song circa 2002. The track was produced by Brave Sound, and is probably one of his more gentle and less busy productions - there's room for Hyolyn vocals and Bora's rapping to take the main focus. Not that it's missing the signature Brave Sound flair - the jangly guitar riff, telephone sound effects and vocal samples throughout the song add a layer of fun that elevates the song.

    Actually now that I think of it, that guitar riff that runs throughout the song reminds me of early 00s classic Suga Suga by Baby Bash.

    A Girl In Love is one of the group's stronger album cuts, which is evident in it's placing in the rate.

    High scorer Slice of Life praises the song while questioning Bora's 'talent' - "This is also super good. Sistar19 is such an iconic subunit, oh my God. And Hyolyn rendering Bora useless with her rap ddddddd. Kween."

    The compliments keep rolling in, @lalaclairi_ who gave the song a 9 calls the song "One of my favorite Sistar non-singles; it's a nice companion to Ma Boy."

    Let's not say things we can't take back, @ryan_riot92 - "This is cute and I like it better than 'Ma Boy'"

    However, @Squashua thought the song dragged on a bit - "The ultra 90's sound - especially that "wikiwiki" addition from Bora - is fine and all but it doesn't really go anywhere."

    @Vixen has a similar assessment of the song - "Yeah not for me. Interesting little production here and there, but there's nothing else to it. If anything, it's a bit annoying."
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  19. [​IMG]


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