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☆★ Sistar Discography Rate ★☆ | WINNER REVEALED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Ooops @ me

    jjarithan i neukkim nal chumeul chuge hae
    (This electrifying feeling makes me dance)

    Shake It (2015)

    *Incorrectly booted at joint #19

    Average Score: 7.14
    Highest Score: 10 @Alouder98
    Lowest Score: 1 @Serg. (ouch)
    My score: 7

    We're at that point now... We've lost our first title song.
    Strap yourselves in, gorls, it's a bumpy ride from here on out...

    You know, I always thought that Shake It was one of their Summer special singles, and it certainly sounds like one. The song is summery, super upbeat and a lot of fun. Because I thought this, I was willing to be nice to Shake It and brush it off as a fun vacation from their usual. But then I realised this wasn't a Summer single and that's when I got frustrated.

    The middle of Sistar's reign is a bit of a weird one, they went from mature concepts full of drama like Alone and Give It To Me, to a more upbeat and jovial style and sound perhaps due to their Queens of Summer label. It wasn't necessarily a bad move, I consider the songs Loving U and Touch My Body as some of my favourite Sistar tracks. However Shake It, despite how much fun the song and video is (we'll get to the video in a moment), literally sounds like the girls on autopilot. Duble Sidekick well and truly really milked the Summer sound and style dry by the time we got to Shake It.

    Don't get me wrong, I still bop but it's a shame that they couldn't have ended their Queens of Summer reign with a stronger track. Shake It is definitely one of their more weaker titles.

    Silver linings though, the video is probably one of their best - it's bright and colourful and the choreography is sexy and playful. It's essentially Wa$$up done right. Hopefully Sketchers saw a sales increase from the video as well because the product placement is not subtle.


    It looks like the voters had similar views on Shake It.

    @Squashua - "Eurgh so honestly I HATED this when it came out, partly because it's so reductive, partly because the concept is kinda lazy and mainly because it blocked so many other amazing songs from #1 that summer (Heart Attack deserved better). I stand by it being a complete Touch My Body retread with even more noise to drown out that criticism but it's not as terrible as I remember. Bora's dead fish wiggle is one of their best ever moves honestly."

    @ryan_riot92 - "Had this not been “Touch My Body 2.0”, it probably would haven gotten a 10 from me. The teasers were kind of misleading for this comeback too. I was thinking they were all going to channel female Batman villains … but no …. STILL as much as I don’t like those factors of the song, I still bop to it ALL THE TIME!"

    @Vixen - "I could see how this was chosen as a single, and I wouldn't even be surprised if you told me this has somehow been #1, but it just not that good really. It's fun, but I feel like I've hard about a thousand songs do it better and by a large margin. It should have been better."

    Finally, we have @Serg. who gave the song the harshest, ice cold commentary - "Next."

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  2. And just for extra kiis - in doing the summary for Shake It, I found this slightly over-the-top analysis of Shake It
    ALSO, we lose two more title tracks tomorrow. Which ones do you think (trans. hope) it'll be?
  3. The only reason I gave Shake It a high score of 9.5 is because of this:

    Me and my friends learned this dance from this kid when we we're so stressed during our review for our board examination ddddddd. Nostalgia >>>> Quality, basically.
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  4. I mean... out of title tracks... it could have been worse? So... goodbye Shake It? Oop.
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  5. I'm thinking it'll be some of the early ones - Shady Girl or the other one that's not Push Push maybe?
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  6. I Swear next, thank you.
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  8. It better not be Push Push BAAYYBEH oh Push BAAYYBEH ...
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  9. I think Shake It is actually my favorite of their summer releases nn.
  10. Evil witch laughter.

    Yes, please, it's my lowest score in the whole rate.
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  11. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I forgot to update my spreadsheet when you sent through your revised score for Shake It, which is now no longer the lowest ranking title track. But what is?

    We lose our first 11!

    Nan hangsang gwichanhado
    naeilhwajangeul hago
    (Even if it's bothersome, I put on make up everyday)

    ☆ Shady Girl ☆ (2010)


    Average Score: 7.18
    Highest Score: ☆11☆ @Slice of Life
    Lowest Score: 4.5 @Sanctuary, @Vixen
    My score: 9.5

    Everyone who scored this below an 8, turn on your locations because I wanna fight.

    The elimination of Shady Girl hurts because it was the song that turned me into a stan all those years ago and I still consider it one of my favourite Sistar tracks.

    With Brave Sound at the helm of the song's production, Shady Girl is an adorable slice of mid-tempo RnB-inspired K-Pop. Everything about Shady Girl is just a perfect balance of cuteness and wistfulness. In the song, the girls sing about about how they're so infatuated with their love interest, that they can barely function:
    I’m this shady girl who loves only you
    I’m this shady girl who is only looking at you
    I need you boy
    Like this, I love only you
    I’m tensed, tensed,
    tensed about you leaving me
    I’m nervous, nervous, nervous
    As time goes by, my heart my heart
    this shady girl thinks only of you

    (I don't know what 'Shady Girl' means in the context of the song but lets just go with it)

    What I love most about Shady Girl is the bittersweet undertone that runs throughout the entire song and all it's elements - the lyrics, the melody and the production. It makes me feel all blushy and flirty, but at the same time, I'm on the verge of tears. Relistening to the track for this rate, I'm falling for the track all over again.

    What I also love about Shady Girl is that it's world's apart from the punchy and vivacious Push Push - Brave Sound delivered the goods with Shady Girl to not only showcase a different side of Sistar, but to showcase their (namely Soyou and Hyolyn's) talent. The only negative for me is that the Brave Sound intro is an absolute disaster (I edited it out using the instrumental when it was released way back when).

    Also, for a bit of nostalgia - remember how SHOOK everyone was that a rookie group managed to get Super Junior's Heechul to be in the video?

    That blonde bob is not a look on Hyolyn, neither is that bleached blonde dye job on Dasom...
    In fact, I remember reading that Dasom's hair was falling out due to the bleaching

    Not all of you loved Shady Girl, with many of you finding it boring.
    Rate villain Vixen wanted MORE. BOPS. - "Zzzzz. Where are the bops, for Christ's sake."
    While the only thing about Shady Girl that @Squashua approves of is the title - "That premonition heavy newspaper in the music video. That's about the only thing I can really get from this track, which is kinda bland and uneventful - a shame considering the KPJ approved song title."

    Some you praised Brave Sound's trademark style in Shady Girl:
    @GeiPanda - "Brave Bros to a tee, but still so good"
    @ryan_riot92 - "“You know … it’s Brave Sound” … I had NO idea. Wink. I don’t think this song was as great as “Push Push” but I still love it! The styling for this comeback was really weird to me and I really don’t like that aspect but other than that, it’s a tune! That classic Brave Brothers element is apparent and it may sound like 5 other songs BB has done in the past but hey… I’m a sucker for it! I do wish this song was actually about SISTAR calling a girl a shady bitch but whatevs."

    And finally, we have 11 Scorer Slice of Life who was getting their life to Shady Girl - "ICONIC IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. This should be the Korean National Anthem. Fix it, @Shaman Unnie. Let me give this my 11 what the hell kii"

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  12. I mean, how can y'all hate on the song that gave us Bora's legendary on-stage fall? I mean, yeah she broke her thumb but still...

    Anyway, where does that leave Shake It? Does it ascend the ranks, placing itself higher in the top 20?
    Oops! No it doesn't as the song falls at #17!

    Shake It (2015)


    Average Score: 7.27
    Highest Score: 10 @Alouder98
    Lowest Score: 1 @Serg.
    My score: 7

    Read about Shake It here!
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  13. Me = Season 1 Villain
    @Sanctuary = Season 2 bigger and more evil Villain

    And that's the tea.

    At least, I provided commentary! #LawfulEvil
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  16. [​IMG]
    - KPJ

    You just blown your chance
    I'm sorry-sorry, Mister!

    니까짓게 (How Dare You) (2010)


    Average Score: 7.64
    Highest Score: 10 @Sanctuary, @junglefish, @GeiPanda
    Lowest Score: 5 @Alouder9, @Vixen
    My score: 8

    The slaughter continues with another title track eliminated!

    I was disappointed in How Dare You at the time it was released, especially coming from Shady Girl (don't @ me) but it eventually grew on me. The song is so bratty and so much fun that it can't help get under your skin and just grow and grow.

    Lyrically, the song is about the girls' love interests playing with their feelings:
    I’m really angry,
    why do you keep playing with me?
    I think I’ll seriously go insane
    I’m really angry,
    You still don’t know love
    Baby, I feel like exploding,
    my tears fall down Yeah

    The lyrics proved to be controversial upon release - KBS "rejected" the song due to the lyrics being "belittiling to others" (... has a break-up song never been released in South Korea before?).

    The punchy and aggresive lyrics is set against a high energy and relentless Brave Sound production - the instrumental and the girls run circles around you for the entire three minute length of the song. The song is honestly lovably cheap-sounding - you're not going to get a track like this anywhere else but KPop.

    To go with the song, a more colourful and enegertic image of the group (similar to Push Push) was brought back for How Dare You - this time with a more athletic twist. In the video, the group play with the love interest in various settings - a tanning salon (?), at airport security (??), in an x-ray clinic (???) and in a lie dectector interrogation room (????), as well as dance up a storm on top of a giant record and next to stripper poles... None of this makes sense but it's quintessential K-Pop.

    Speaking of stripper poles, I was SO SALTY at the girls for releasing the pole dance teaser photos for How Dare You as I was expecting something more slinky and cool. But what we got instead was a crazy upbeat (and almost brash) song, and all we got with the poles was the girls doing a kick while touching the poles for few seconds at the beginning of of the video for a few seconds... (God bless After School). However, the few seconds of **SUGGESTED** pole dancing was enough for the video to be banned from public broadcast. Mess.


    @Squashua thought the song was a sign of things to come, as well as complimenting their 'fashion' - "A hint at things to come but definitely not at So Cool's league. I was not expecting the poles, racing gear and bolero ski jacket combo in the video mind. Queens of alternative sport fusions."

    How Dare You turned out to be quite the special Sistar track for 10-scorer GeiPanda - "The first song that got me "into" Sistar. Basic as hell, but I can't help chant along to Bora's iconic opening lines every time."

    @lalaclairi_ also complimented Bora - ""Head up to the sky 'cause we're mighty Sistar" is seriously one of Bora's best top lines."

    Not all of you were fans, @Slice of Life thought the track "sounds so dated now." Adding that "Brave Brothers' yelps here and there do not help its case either. Poor it."

    Joint low-scorer Vixen calls the track "alright. It's catchy enough, I guess. Still feels like a b-side to 2NE1, sadly."

    @ryan_riot92 calls it a "less catchier version of “In the Night Sky” … like literally. It’s probably the weakest of the 2010 singles of theirs and I’m not really a huge fan of it."

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  17. Dddd, my vengeance.
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    ddddd I love it so much. It's so fun and tacky and they all sound so different than usual.
    Y'all did it dirty. Thank you for amazing taste, sisten @GeiPanda @junglefish
  19. Aw How Dare You is iconic :(
    I’m actually really sad to see it go nn it’s the first elimination that really bothers me.
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  20. These should go out before top 10:

    No Mercy
    Loving U
    For You
    Ma Boy or Push Push
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