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☆★ Sistar Discography Rate ★☆ | WINNER REVEALED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. What the fucking fuck is How Dare You doing out before the top 5.
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  2. No Mercy, Push Push, One More Day, String & So Cool out before Top 10, please & thank you ~
  3. Yeah One More Day should have been eliminated already. I didn't know y'all stanned the good sis Giorgio this much.
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  4. Binch is iconique tho...

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  5. The sapphic video is ICONIC, but the song is kind of zzzz to be honest.
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  6. One More Day is beautiful, y’all are crazy.
  7. [​IMG]

    We lose another 11!

    naega mami jogeum ppalgae
    nae ipsuri saljjak yahae
    (My heart is a bit red, my lips are a bit sexy)

    ☆ String ☆ (2016)

    Average Score: 7.73
    Highest Score: ☆11☆ @Vixen
    Lowest Score: 4 @lalaclairi_ , @GeiPanda
    My score: 8

    The second 11 to fall, and the only album track to receive an 11!

    I'm not surprised that String got as far as it did - it probably is one of their best album tracks. The song is a sexy, playful and a bit bonkers - a fun mix of pop, disco and EDM with a hint of Mambo. In fact, the mambo influence make the song. The horns add a playful quirk to the song and really elevates the song from your standard dance-pop track to something more interesting and different.

    My favourite part of the song along with the horns are Bora's flirtatious spoken parts in the chorus, putting her limited talents to good use.

    The track isn't without its flaws however, the EDM build-up in the middle-eight feels unnecesarry as it doesn't actually build up to anything. However, as a whole the song is a super fun addition to Sistar's discography.

    The commentary for String was unanimous in it's praise.

    @ryan_riot92 agreed that String is one of their best b-sides - "Probably one of the best SISTAR album tracks! BAWP!!"

    @Squashua disagrees with my point about the EDM build - "Was worried this was heading into Blurred Lines territory with the opening funk guitar and cowbells but what kind of old school disco banger with a HUGE EDM final drop? I can just imagine a really glossy Saturday Night Fever apeing video with lots of group choreo as the Klerb switches through time periods. This would have also made an awesome title track."

    Finally we have rate villian turned 11-scorer Vixen who asks philosophical questions after String snatched their existence - "WHAT KIND OF ULTIMATE BOP. Has this been like #1 for months? It deserves too. If this doesn't win, I will curse all of you for a few centuries. Like, this BOPS so hard, oh my god. What's a wig? What's a puss? I don't know anymore."
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  8. Ddddd I gave String a 6 originally, but hearing it again now, I'd probably give it an 8.

    Sorry sis @Vixen.
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  9. String is honestly better than half of their summer bops.
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  10. String would've made Hyolyn class if you gave it an 8 dddddd
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  11. Final track before we head into a end-of-Soyou / beginning-of-Hyolyn class showdown...

    jigeum i sunganbuteo da
    jeoldae itji mothal geoya baby
    (From this moment forward, I will never forget baby)

    For You (2017)

    Average Score: 7.73
    Highest Score: 9.5 @lalaclairi_ , @junglefish
    Lowest Score: 5 @GeiPanda
    My score: 9

    The remaining tracks must all be killer if we're losing For You at joint 15.

    The B-Side to Sistar's final ever release, For You is a stirring ballad which packs an emotional punch. I'd honestly consider this one their best ever ballads, not just because it isn't overwrought like a lot of their other ballads, but because there's such raw emotion in the song.

    Whilst Lonely felt more like an "end of the party" song, For You truly feels like their goodbye song - the bittersweet atmoshere of the track conveys the message that while Sistar may have come to the end of their line, there's a promise that more is yet to come.

    Written and produced by the girls themselves, For You showcases the members at their best - all four girls sound beautiful. Hyolyn is as powerful as ever, Soyou is just as strong with her trademark husky and seductive voice, Dasom keeps up and probably sounds the best she ever has, and even Bora knocks this one out of the park delivering an emotional rap in her lower register, which actually adds a nice touch to the track). The girls are complimented with a Ryan Tedder-esque RnB-inspired production with booming percussion and hand claps. However my personal highlight is the twinkling piano during the "do it all for you-ou-ou" hook.

    For You is the ribbon and bow around the present that was Sistar.


    Joint high scorer ryan_riot92 feels the emotional punch of the song, but still has a cutting word to say about Bora (poor dat) - "As soon as the song starts, you can feel it’s gonna tug your heart-strings a bit… I actually prefer this over “Lonely”. The only down-side is Bora sounds like she’s about to fall asleep."

    @Squashua was also digging the song - "This is more along the lines of what you'd actually be expecting from a disbandment goodbye single but it's still far from bad. The little trap flourishes add a bit of bite to stop it being too saccharine and the vocal delivery is refreshingly restrained for most of the songs."

    Finally, I've just had about ENOUGH of @Vixen 's shenanigans - "It's so forgetable. Like, come on. Albumtrack through and through, and not even a good one."

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  12. Oh wow, I feel so bad for underra--

    Nevermind xo ~ dddd
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  13. [​IMG]
    This and Lonely are the only SISTAR ballads I go back to. I honestly thought it would rank worse than #15 though, since it's a ballad and we're on KPJ nn
  14. I was browsing Gaon archives for the WG rate and wanted to post these tidbits about Sistar’s IMPACT as k-pop giants.

    - So Cool is the 5th best-selling song
    - Ma Boy is the 25th best-selling song and 13th best by a girl group

    - Alone is the 7th best-selling song and 2nd best by a girl group
    - Loving U is the 9th best-selling song and 3rd best by a girl group

    - Gone Not Around Any Longer is the 3rd best-selling song and the best by a girl group
    - Give It To Me is the 7th best-selling song and the 2nd best by a girl group
    - Two of Soyou’s features each move 1M+ digital units

    - Soyou has the best-selling song of the year with Some
    - Touch My Body is the 19th best-selling and 4th best-selling song by a girl group

    - Shake It is the 13th best-selling and the best-selling song by a girl group
  15. Thanks for doing my work for me, @Sanctuary unnie.

    Sorry, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have some time off work so I’m aiming to get this wrapped up by mid-next week.

    Today we wrap up Soyou class with a three-way tie!

    Just like Sistar...

    Push Push (2010)


    Average Score: 7.82
    Highest Score: 10 @ryan_riot92
    Lowest Score: 5.5 @Sanctuary
    My score: 8.5

    Push Push... The track that started it all stumbles just before we head into Hyolyn Class, but at least it can find consolation in the fact that it's joint leader of Soyou Class.

    Time hasn't been particularly kind to Push Push - both the video and Brave Sound's production are very 2009/10 - but I still get so much fun out of the song over seven years after release.
    The song is a trademark Brave Brothers upbeat dancepop song, with it's squelchy synths and tribal-eqsue drums that gives it a urban twist. The song, while not entirely remarkable truly sounds like an introduction to a group with a crazy amount of potential.

    The track opens up with the girly and playful chorus, littered with chants of "HEY!" and "I WANT SISTAR!" - something that Kpop fans and the Korean fans would also be crying out for in the following years.
    The first verse is a confident half-sung rap from Bora, which she delivers in a more powerful and lower tone - giving you the impression that she's a better rapper than she actually rapper than she actually is (don't @ me).
    But of course the hightlight of the song is Hyolyn who truly comes out of the gate running, proving herself from the get go as a talent to be wreckoned with. She delivers solid verses, both sung and rapped, and sky high adlibs. Starship truly put the focus on Hyolyn and Bora from the start which proved to be the right choice as the two would change the Kpop landscape as Sistar19.

    A big gripe I have with Push Push is the unneccesary autotune on Soyou... It's a shame that we aren't introduced to Soyou's unique husky and sultry tone until their next release with Shady Girl.

    The song peaked at #9 on the Gaon digital single charts, a respectable start for the group who would eventually be known as Queens of the Download.


    The voter commentary on Push Push was mostly unamimous in praise

    Sistar are iconic queens of KPop and comedy according to @Slice of Life - "Dddddd I don't know why this sounds super funny to me. It's a really fun track though. An iconic way to debut."

    @Squashua agreed that Push Push is a little dated but was an iconic debut - "A party starter like no other. The fashion and the autotune are massively of their time (re: a series of choices) but this is how you debut with confidence. I keep upping my score for this with each listen so that must be good right?"

    ryan_riot92 started the #JUSTICEFORPUSHPUSH movement before the results were even unveiled - "Why do I feel like y’all are gonna do this so wrong in this rate too? I can’t stand to watch it crumble like that again … at the same time, I don’t want to give it my 11 because my 11s always go early … it’s like a guarantee, I swear. ANYWAY! Bop for the centuries! I remember when I first heard this song of theirs, I wasn’t too keen on it but over the course of a couple of years … I’m hooked! SISTAR blow yo mind!"

    Push Push even managed to get rate villain @Vixen bopping - "I could see how this was chosen as a single, and I wouldn't even be surprised if you told me this has somehow been #1, but it just not that good really. It's fun, but I feel like I've hard about a thousand songs do it better and by a large margin. It should have been better."

    Finally, we have @GeiPanda who found similarities in Push Push to the ultimate KPop queen of talent and vocals - "Just realized how much the autotuned part sounds like Dara"

    To read more about what KPJ had to say about Push Push, head over to the Girl Group Debut Rate hosted by the good sis @Alouder98 where the song placed at #23

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  17. They look like such 2NE1 clones ddd thank god they got over that sound & look quickly.
  18. Who joins Push Push as joint three-way leader of Soyou Class?

    imman beollimyeon tto naebaetneun mal “Sorry”
    mianhan jiseun wae hae

    (All you do is say sorry, then why do you do things that make you say sorry?)

    No Mercy (2012)

    Average Score: 7.82
    Highest Score: 10 @ryan_riot92, @Serg.
    Lowest Score: 3 @Sanctuary
    My score: 7

    And there we have it, everyone. The final album track to fall, therefore No Mercy is the best Sistar album track according to KPJ.

    No Mercy, from the Alone mini, is an upbeat dance-pop kiss off track filled with electronic bleeps and zips that also has shades of disco and funk courtesy of the Nile Rodgers-esque guitar riff.
    Written and produced by Rovin who seems to be a bit of mysterious figure in Kpop, I can't find much about him or his production discography apart from the fact that he's signed to YG as one of their primary producers and composed a few tracks for iKon.

    The girls take charge in the track, dumping their good-for-nothing man. The girls literally have No Mercy for the deadbeat boyfriend, singing in the chorus:
    The more I see you, you are crazy
    Even if you cry and cling on, it’s over
    Oh no oh oh, oh no oh oh, oh no, oh
    I didn’t know you’d play so cheap
    I tried to let you go but you’re wrong for me
    Oh no oh oh, oh no oh oh, oh no, oh


    The song is fun and a great addition to their discography but the song sort of represented a cross-roads for the group - the track sounds like the girls shaking off their early style as it sounds like it could've fit on their earlier releases (the melody reminds me of Girls Do It and Dasom is still being bathed in autotune) but thematically is a bit more mature and understated than their previous releases

    @Slice of Life thought the track had a "Good use of Autotune, if I may admit." Adding that "I have always had a soft spot for this song ddddd. The chorus is so fun."

    @Squashua compares it to trash band Maroon 5 but quickly retracts it - "Jet Set Radio OST helloooo~ Part of me wants to sing Moves Like Jagger along to this but then I remember that song is kinda trash and this is far from it so I abstain. It really hits hard and I wouldn't be surprised if Starship considered this as So Cool's successor."

    @Vixen isn't completely satisfied with the track - "It's a cute bop, but I'm not sure I will use it again. It doesn't go anywhere which is a shame."

    Finally we have highest scorer ryan_riot92 who said - "This is like the “Girl’s Do It” of this album. It really had the potential to be a stellar title track!"

    One more track to round out the Soyou class, what do you think it is?​
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  19. Honestly my biggest issue with most of their earlier stuff...It was basically a discounted 2NE1. I'm also glad they shifted through that eventually.
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  20. Wait at things going so well ddd.
    Let's drop One More Day and we'll have a flawless Top 10.

    It just didn't fit them. Especially the outfits and overall aesthetic. 2NE1 was so... high-tech sporty while Sistar were serving (usually beach day) glamour.
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