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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. I haven't got the faintest idea, but my guess would be a third of what Wanderlust sold? So around 20k maybe?
  2. Well, so, now, will Sophie sing at the Royal wedding? She must be invited at least!
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  3. I thiiiiiink I like Familia more than Wanderlust but both are so unmemorable that I can never be sure. All I know is Trip TOWERS above the others, while Make a Scene and Read My Lips round out my Sophie trilogy (order depending on the day). Shoot is really rather great, just lacking one or two more "all time favs", which Scene and Lips are bursting with.
  4. Radio 1 played a clip of an old Meghan Markle interview in which she was asked which song is guaranteed to get her dancing.

    Her answer was Murder on the Dancefloor.

    Queen of taste.
  5. Yeah I figured as much... Does anyone have a precise figure?
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  7. Am I the only one longing for another 'bitchy ice queen' Sophie song as in 'Get Over You'?

  8. Have you heard I’m Not Dreaming? It’s very Read My Lips Sophie. It doesn’t sound very different from Lover, I Believe, Get Over You etc. My friend (and co-author) cleaned up the song quite a bit. And it’s definitely one of the better unreleased songs. I’d kill for proper versions of this song, Miracle, Work It Out, Love Hesit, Colour Me In etc

    Side note - Sophie needs to do what Robbie Williams is doing with Under The Radar. She’s got a wealth of good material that’s being wasted for no reason.
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  9. Can someone help me figure out what she’s singing in the second bridge?

    I have always been a real go getter
    Tried to keep up with the other jet setters
    But now I rest a while to get to know you better
    I like what I see

    So it’s not exactly everything I wanted
    See I need it, now your eyes make me feel haunted
    When you kiss me I felt my heart was contorted
    You’ve reshaped my need

    I’m not immune I am open
    I sing your tune unspoken
    Move your hands to pinch my skin

    I can’t believe that I’m not dreaming
    Push and pull me in my head
    My skin is shed and I’m not dreaming

    I am one-footed, what a silly messy lady
    I feel ashamed about the way that I’m behaving
    Something’s magnetising me towards you maybe
    A positive thing

    You see I feel it complicates to be without you
    If it is making happy, what else can a girl do
    Somehow out of all this chaos there’s a (?)
    So let the bells ring

    Become immune I’m broken
    Move your hands to pinch my skin

    I can’t believe that I’m not dreaming
    Push and pull me in my head
    My skin is shed and I’m not dreaming

    My friend has cleaned up most of the song. I’m going to attempt to clean up the rest of it.
  10. Where is I’m Not Dreaming?
  11. It's been awfully quiet around here lately, so I thought of a little topic we could discuss: If you had to introduce someone to Sophie's music, which song would you play and what video would you show them?

    Let's not be too obvious with 'Murder'.

    I would probably choose 'Starlight' for the song and for the video I would opt for 'Catch You'.
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  12. “Me and My Imagination”
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  13. The Get Over You video tho!
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  14. I love the version of "music gets the best of me" video when she's at the fair. So beautiful and funny. I think I would choose that video or today the sun's on us.
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  15. How would a Young Blood Orchestra Version sound like? Like Lana Del Rey on steroids???
  16. I love how ridiculously camp this is for the first 35 seconds and then she just stands looking bored for 2 minutes before walking back to the cake. Iconic.
  17. So Catch You and Heartbreak are on the GH. The violins sound fierce!
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  18. It's definitely an essential song and very 'Sophie'. I hope it'll be on the greatest hits.
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  19. There is a harp along along with that mighty crew of violins in Heartbreak! Ed, you fucking genius! You were born for this!

    I’m so ready for love the orchestral GH album!