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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. I mean it sounds... kinda awful but I'll wait I guess.

    Eaux @ my perchedness being less pronounced suddenly.
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  2. Yeah I'm a bit disappointed in Ponyboy. It's all the obnoxious, wall-of-sound SOPHIE without any of the actually-nice-to-listen-to SOPHIE. Maybe it's just the radio rip and it'll open up to me on repeated listens, but I can't see myself ever enjoying it as much as I do It's Okay To Cry.
  3. I think a HQ version will bring this to life, the radio flattens everything out so we can discern all the details then. I really liked how this sounded at the show so I"m very excited for this track.
  4. It's a bit shit.
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  5. This is so much better than the last song teebs.

  6. Beast.
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  7. Mhm...dont really like it.

    The intro feels a bit uninspired and the interesting middle of the song /vocal delivery feels kind of buried under the hard, basic instrumental... like I love the idea of marrying the pcmusic-sound with a different vocal approach but it sounds a bit like a mashup and doesn´t go together? atleast on first listen
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  8. “PONYBOY” slays. Can’t wait for the HQ.
  9. I NEED PONYBOY, I LOVE SOPHIE SO MUCH (those adlibs tho) "heart".

  10. Here it is!

    (I love it. Spit on my face a bit queen.)
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  11. I can appreciate it, but I would like something more melodic like Bipp or Vyzee next.
  12. Pretty much incredible. Can't wait for the video.
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  13. Not obsessed with the female vocals that come in during the second half, but overall a triumph.
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  14. Hooves up Little Ponyboys!
  15. Fucking love it, the dichotomy between this is 'Cry' is riveting. Its such a twist on on a 'CLUB' video and the soft s&m dancing really elevates the track.
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  16. Ashanti is shook.
  17. I want to walk down the aisle at my wedding to Ponyboy- it's beautiful.
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  18. It slaps.
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  19. My eardrums are bleeding but in the best possible way!
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  20. Okay, 'Ponyboy' goes so hard. Video is great too.
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