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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. I fucking love this.
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  2. Ponyboy is bananas and I love it. The choreo in the video is great.
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  3. It's a real shame SOPHIE can't dance though! Everything else is perfect. When she releases her album, I'll be the first person in the entire world to buy it.
  4. Ponyboy knocks. I'm in love with the house elements that come out of nowhere half way through and linger around.
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  5. Pulverizing and lovely.
  6. mhm I wish she´d follow the direction of its okay to cry more... love the neo-cher vibes it has. it felt very innovative and forward thinking regarding the genre / her previous output.

    this in contrast is very redundant/reductive in a way. i feel like i´ve heard the instrumental a thousand times on other tracks. its a bit faceless. the visuals,too. i still like the idea of this introducing those house-y vocals which feel kind of foreign on the track.

    still excited how the debut will turn out. so far it doesn´t really makes sense to me. the tracks almost feel schizophrenic (which could also be interesting).
  7. SOPHIE dances like a marionette some of whose strings have been cut (but not all of them).
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  8. "Ponyboy" is killer. And fucking hot. Choke me out, queen.
  9. Dddd that session singer doing the ad-libs sounds fucking awful. This slightly veers into self-parody, although that's totally the point, isn't it? I bop.
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  10. It's classic SOPHIE, but still new. The low pitched vocals, the ad libs and the house synths are incredible.
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  11. She dances like a rich widow whose new husband 'accidentally' dropped a hairdryer in the hot tub while she was in there preparing for a sex bath.
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  12. Okay the video almost gave me seizure....but I actually like the song, this will sound soo good in a club.
  13. *surveys conversation*
    Popjustice is just full of bottoms, isn't it?
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  14. Vulture’s done an excellent profile on her:

    EDIT: damn it @Nunya B
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  15. What gave you that impression?
  16. It took you nearly 9 years to come to this realization?
  17. "Ponyboy" has the aggressive weirdness lacking from the first single.
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  18. She’s seems super in tune to what’s going on and quite interesting. Shame the music isn’t.
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