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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. I never thought I’d see the day where Aphex Twin and Autechre were namedropped in a Teen Vogue article. The universe is strange.
  2. The "is that a bad sample pack find?" factor has been around since the beginning (@2:30) and I think is a conscious choice (doesn't mean it has to work for listeners though, yeah).

    Kind of glad that people are picking up at just how far out/experimental she's going. "Ponyboy" reminds me a ton of Aphex Twin's more extreme stuff.
  3. Slightly off-topic, but did Mozart's Sister just change her stage name to Cecile Believe?
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  4. Me, after my first listen: hmm, I'm not really feeling it, far too noisy.

    Me, midway through listen #3:

  5. I can't stop playing the video.
  6. Mood.

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  7. Yes, according to Facebook. She needed to do this sooner but better late than never!
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  8. The music video is weirdly rewatchable.
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  9. I’m living for her technicolor Blond Ambition look.

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  10. I love PonyBoy, but it’s a little bit toooooo much for me. I can’t see myself reaching for it all the time, mostly because I like to hear things.
  11. The video is perfection. It's half awful, half brilliant, just like the song itself. Don't kid yourselves otherwise, on either side of the fence.
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  12. I wasn’t a big fan of the singing in the middle of the track, but I’ve already come around to it thanks to the video.
  13. I feel the same from hearing this as I did when I first heard Firestarter and Yung Rapunxel. Pop needs to throw these weird bops up on occasion.
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  14. .... I have eyes? Not sure what you want with this one.
    I'm always surprised by this! My local "manly men's" gay bar has the same ... problem. Well, not a problem for me. But a problem for the over-represented group.
  15. I was being sarcastic. This forum is filled with receivers.
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  16. I liked that because I saw your new signature quote
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  17. She actually touches on the album a little bit in this interview.

    On the album:
    On “Ponyboy”:
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  18. I am almost as excited to see the album cover as I am for the music. Everything about her look is yes.
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  19. When she says:

    "I really appreciate anyone that has given any of my ideas time or has taken the time to get to know my ideas or interacts in any sort of way, positive or negative toward it"

    She's talking about my pumpkin, isn't she?
  20. This bit from the Vulture profile reminded me so much of that interview of Madonna in the 80s talking about how important music videos were becoming:

    Also wig at this whole section: