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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Ok
  2. Just ask someone to change the thread title to just SOPHIE and by someone I mean @Nunya B
  3. K94


    Thinkk I'll have a spare ticket for tonight for those interested!
  4. Scream!

    I’m going to the SOPHIE concert straight after Kylie (the venues are 5mins away and S starts late) but this is good too.

    When you’re a Little Boomerang and also a Little Cheekbone and also lucky af.
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  5. K94


    omggg why tuesday why
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  6. WTF was that
  7. What happened
  8. That much art-padding whilst BIPP and JUST LIKE WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE don't get a look in is an *outrage*.

    Immaterial Girls is an absolute banger, though.
  9. K94


    Wig gone, wig flew, what is wig if wig is subjective.

    Just wow - it was absolutely ridiculous and bizzare in the best way. She is such a superstar presence every time she walks on stage and the crowd lapped it up (though some common Harry kept attempting to mosh).

    I'm stanning - could have easily had a extra hour of that.
  10. She’s the greatest. I told her she’s so important and how these kids there were so lucky to have her - she’s amazing.
  11. I fucking hate you
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  12. Oh my god I’m so happy for this photo
  13. I can't decide in what context we should use it, but we need to Robyn this photo just so we can see it all the time.
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  14. K94


  15. Ddddd my lame ass asked for 19 pics till we got a good one.
    I'm so happy, Jody Harsh was playing Leikeli47, Cardi B, Migos and CupcakKe when this was happening.
    Sad I didn't see the other legend @K94 though.
  16. Wig.
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