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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. And props to @mindtrappa for letting me know about the afterparty. Wig.
  2. Ponyboy is the best Pop song this decade.
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  3. King of telling the pop girls what they want to hear.

    To SOPHIE: you’re important / you’re doing the most for disenfranchised youth
    To Mariah: you’re the most underrated songwriter
    To Natalie Imbruglia (probably): your discography >>>>>>>> Torn
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  4. All facts!
  5. K94


    I can't get Whole New World out of my head - such a bop and made for a great opener.
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  6. SCREAM I did tell Natalie 'White Lilies Island is my favourite album'.
    You know me well.
  7. I hope you also told SOPHIE that we superfans call ourselves Little Cheekbones.
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  8. Damn I should have.
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  9. You didn't happen to ask her about the Faceshopping video did you? Her best single deserves a video treatment.
  10. She spoke about it already and said she doesn’t think she’s releasing it because fans might find it boring.
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  11. Sis I went after Kylie and that had an open bar so I was definitely not thinking straight gay. At one point I was dancing with her to Work Bitch and I tried to post about it immediately after but my internet was bad.
  12. My half sister apparently went to her show the other night in Paris? And she called her mom.

    She thinks she’s a hunty I can’t.
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  13. Just realised I saw SOPHIE at Sonar in 2015 immsuch a flop.
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