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*Spice Girls*

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I mean, considering these pictures (taken from the booklet) they HAD to have better shots. Alternatively, they also HAD to have a better pic of Mel C. Her face looks horrible in the booklet.

    Emma looks like a superstar.
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  2. Wow, that's so good!
  3. Why oh why are all those artworks posted, just tons better than what we ended up with?!
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  4. I edited the shadows out for my iTunes if anyone wants it.

  5. Even simple touches like that, makes it already way better!
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  6. I always thought the Tell Me Why promo cover was the best out of the Forever album shots (was this cover even official? I can't remember).
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  7. This is seriously cool too. And should have been a single full stop!
  8. I can't even see Emma's facial features!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Even better full sized.
  11. I always thought the girl in the letters thing would've still worked as a four piece if they put "Girls" inside the letter I.
  12. Mel C looks like she's trying to pass gas with her leg pulled up like that though.

    Here a Forever cover with the girls all inside the "O" of Forever and Spice Girls written underneath which I think is nice, if a little simple.

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  13. Basically, anything would have been better than what they went with.
  14. Yep!
  15. HRH


    Never seen this one before, I love it!!!
  16. HRH


    ...because it looks bad?
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  17. Much better.
  18. HRH


    Really? I quite like it. They are "hollering"! I thought it was cute and indicated a surprising level of investment in the album campaign.
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