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*Spice Girls*

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Play them till your bussy wakes up? ALL THREE ARE AMAZING.
  2. Tell Me Why isn't a ballad!
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  3. I think one thing frustrating about the whole third era is that from 1996-98 they put in the groundwork for pop music and pop culture. Then, in late 98, with the massive pop resurgence came TRL, SM:TV etc. and they never really got the full benefit of that exposure as a group because they decided to take a two year hiatus.

    They should've capitalised on that pop music comeback they were so largely responsible for and gave us that third album in 1999. By the time Forever was released, there was very little interest and with zero hype and minimum promotion, it was inevitable they would be unable to reclaim even half of the success they had before.
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  4. Brilliant post. Timing was keen to Forever's success I think.
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  5. Forever shouldn't have been their last album. Another 3 albums would have been nice from the girls . However, with Geri and no Victoria (one can dream).
  6. It is structured horrendously. Doesn't surprise me that it was the last track recorded for the album as it was clearly an after thought for filler purposes.
  7. To be honest, I think they'll come back and do something (minus Victoria) but I doubt it'll be new music.

    They could probably interest Melanie C in a tour and that would be it.

    Geri seems very determined to do her own music again and Emma and Melanie B don't see that fussed.
  8. I meant Time Goes By.
  9. Forever will always be proof of how much Geri contributed to the band. Schizophonic was the better album whilst Forever got lost in the crowd (though I still like a few tracks!).
  10. Completely agree. Goodbye certainly benefited from the news surrounding the single, but it was also helped by capitalizing on the 'TRL/MTV teen culture' their young fans had evolved into. By the time Forever came around, pop was oversaturated with boy bands and young pop starlets. They made pop cool again in the 90s, but the genre exploded once they stepped away. The Spice Girls felt like a dated concept by 2000; there wasn't a need for them anymore.
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  11. G & C keeping it real

  12. I'm so happy for Geri and how her life has turned out. I know it sounds soppy but (like a lot of us on here) growing up she was my favourite Spice Girl and I followed her solo work, read the books etc... so after all her personal troubles it's lovely to see her with a genuinely nice bloke and gorgeous kids.
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  13. I wish she would dye her red someday.
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  14. She looks so good!
  15. He


    Her husband is so hot.

    Also, I would die if I ran into her on the metro.
  16. I do adore Geri as a redhead.

    I sure hope we get that new spice girl album someday (Geri, Mel C and B, and Emma).

    Who knows
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  17. It really is amazing how much of an icon Victoria Beckham has become. She's had to deal with a lot of cunty remarks over the years but she spun that shit into gold!
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  18. Her certainly is, mega hot in fact!
  19. Agreed. On both.
  20. I'd definitely ask for a selfie and then sit on him by 'mistake'.
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