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St. Vincent's Masseduction

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, May 1, 2016.

  1. RJF


    Some of this sounds like it came off an 80s Prince record. "Masseduction" and "Savior" especially bleed purple.
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  2. Anyone who’s ordered the vinyl from her website know if it comes with a wav download of the whole thing, or just the promo tracks (which it implies on the site)? I simply NEED this on vinyl but would prefer an high quality download to the Amazon Autorip.
  3. Young Lover is that anthemic stadium stomper and it just hit me so hard.
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  4. Some of my first impressions:

    - The muffled quality to Hang On Me irritates me quite a bit. It was my favorite of the live songs & is still one of my favorites here.

    - I appreciate how short & concise the album is. With the exemption of Los Ageless (actually my least favorite on this), no songs overstay their welcome.

    - The ballads are beautiful. Slow Disco is my absolute favorite (brilliant), New York is still 10/10, & Happy Birthday, Johnny is simple & affecting, particularly when the steel pedal guitars come in.

    - The Prince-esque, balls-to-the-wall production fuckery of Sugarboy & Savior in particular was a rush.

    Overall, I think it's going to take a few listens to sink in fully. I don't dislike anything -- I dig how wild & unhinged the album is.
  5. RJF


    Also, after "Los Ageless" relieved me of my face a few weeks ago, "Young Lover" relieved me of my scalp. From the neck up I'm just a skull with eyeballs.

    I love how the first half is a little more electronic and abstract while the second half is more organic and emotionally visceral.
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  6. They’re insufferable. I wonder how Pitchfork will review this since most of those white men you speak of work there.

    The beat in SUGARBOY - I was not ready, this hookah will definitely her life to it when Queen Annie performs this live. It’s funny how NEW YORK sounds so beautiful tucked away in the middle of the chaotic moments on this album.
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  7. Smoking Section. Issa bop.
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  8. Young Lover is definitely one of my favorites. Those brutal, early Yeah Yeah Yeahs-sounding guitars on the chorus... What a ride.
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  9. I thought it channeled the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as well! Definitely why I love it so much, that and those high notes and the repeated 'Oh, Young lover"s in the last minute destroy me.
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  10. I just got the chance to watch this. Such a beautiful song even better LIVE. Thanks Annie for soundtracking my second half of my Euro-Adventures.
  11. Sorry for the triple posts but making my way thru this album and Fear The Future - what kinda RAY OF LIGHT production madness is this?!
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  12. I'm so curious to hear the stripped down version of this now that we've heard this all-out assault on our senses in full.

    ALSO, one of my favorite influences I hear on this album is Garbage. The hybrid of ugly, crunchy guitars with beautiful melodies is the very definition of Garbage.
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  13. Between this & Susanne Sundfør, 2017 is the year of unexpected steel pedal guitar flourishes!
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  14. As I’m literally standing on the platform waiting for a train to go home, I’m there a train?
  15. This album is actually threatening Melodrama for AOTY spot for me, what the fuck?

  16. "Slow Disco" just took my breath away. She's hit close to the bone for me in the past with "Champagne Year" and "I Prefer Your Love", but I think this might finally be the true and perfect ballad I've always thought her capable of making.
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  17. Sugarboy

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  18. Not Annie scalping me out of blue with ha whistle register on Young Lovers. QUEEN.
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  19. Sugarboy quoting the melody of Los Ageless, my nerves twisted.

    I love a swelling, wailing climax like Young Lovers so that's definitely an instant favourite.

    I think the only thing approaching a dud is the opening and even that I enjoy the beat of quite a bit. Puts me in mind a little of Unison.

    Smoking Section is a crushing but brillaint finale.
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  20. I can’t tell if Happy Birthday, Johnny is 100% meant sincerely or if it’s a parody of Red-era Taylor Swift.
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